Finishing my second draft of “DESTINY”

This weekend, I finished up the second draft of Destiny and published it on Wattpad along the way. It’s always a good feeling when you can click the button that says completed. It’s like you can finally say goodbye to an old friend but it is bittersweet because over the past few months, I have fallen in love with these people all over again.

The idea behind the book, DESTINY came to me while actually on a road trip from Houston to San Francisco and back. On the things, I saw were these trees out in the middle of the desert that looked like they had caught fire and had melted. Being a writer all my life, sometimes I try to figure out how to describe the things I see. Throughout the drive, especially in Central California, we constantly saw varies different farms and I thought about what it would take to live there and work the area.

Being from the city, I immediately put that city girl and country boy together. It was a match made in heaven for me. My characters were all completely made up, making this the first story that was not fanfiction or based on a person. My male character was a hybrid foreigner and surfer. While I did not have anyone in mind when I created him, I pictured a cross between Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon) and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy). The visual in my head for my female counterpart was Jennifer Stone.

The original was under 50,000 words, it was somewhere around 46,000. By the time I finished my second draft, the finished version ended up at 53,820. I know writers should cut and cut and cut, and I did. But I also added two full chapters, expanded on ideas, and changed a few things that didn’t work.

But now it is done. I am ready to move on to my next project. I can not decide if I should edit an old story, work on a pending story, or start something new.

Who was the muse for “A Muse Is Born”?

I am sure that is the question on everyone’s mind, right? Who was the muse that help created A Muse is Born? Let me tell you.

A Muse is Born is about a writer who moves into an apartment complex and meets a not-so-confident actress and the two of them fall in love. It’s a simple story that has been told many times over. First off, no the write is NOT ME. He is an original character that I created to stand next to the young and upcoming actress. My muse is Jennifer Stone.

Jennifer Stone is an actress that I am still 100%, okay maybe like 95% in love with. She played Harper on the Disney Channel television show, Wizards of Waverly Place. There are not many celebrities that I have had a crush on that I still do. Honestly, there is only one. Jennifer Stone.

While there may be other crushes that come and go, Jennifer Stone has been with me for over a decade and she is far from leaving my life. I don’t know what it is about this girl, but I am utterly and passionately hers. Just saying.

This was the first of many stories I have written using Jennifer Stone as my muse. It was written while she was still filming the television show, so you can tell it is that old.

Going through my works and giving them fresh edits for the Wattpad publishing, I remembered back to one of the reviews I received when this was on Amazon. They mentioned how if the story was told in first person, he could not know what she was doing when he wasn’t around. With that in mind, I decided to add an introduction and a different epilogue that would fix that situation. I don’t want to give too much of the story and plot away, especially if you want to read it.

Ultimately, I like how to final edit turned out even though there are still a few things I might fix later on.

Tapping into the world of Erotica with “TeenDom”

If you read my summary of King of The Kingdom, you will know about the drama with JP and me over my writing world. Remember when I said that there was a second argument for another book. This is the book.

Just before I began writing this story, Sleeping Beauty was released on Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray featured a music video of Emily Osment singing “Once Upon A Dream” and I became obsessed with the little blondie. Okay, yes she was jail bait but I couldn’t help it. Again, the difference between JP and I is cartoons versus real people.

My obsession with Emily Osment took shape and I began watching Hannah Montana, just because of her. I also began writing this little erotic love story about her. Another fanfiction. The problem arose when my story featured S&M with the male protagonist as a submissive looking for a mistress that he finds in Emily. Why does this become a fight with JP?

JP and I used to have this relationship that was strictly about music but once I got with my girlfriend, she began to open up to me about her personal life, which included kink with her girlfriend. I don’t/didn’t have an issue with it. It just surprised me about her. I am not a prude and even used to babysit for a dominatrix. I knew about kink. I don’t have a problem with it but oddly, she thought I did. I don’t know why.

When I wrote this story, I was told by JP’s girlfriend that I was making fun of JP. So not true. I could have cared less about what JP and her girlfriend did in bed. So this book drove a wedge between the friendship. All because I was writing kinky fanfiction?

Who knows. I finished this book and decided that I should officially escape into the world of real fanfiction and flipped this story upside down. I rewrote this book in the Hannah Montana fandom with Miley being my male but now female protagonist, and Lily as Emily Osment. It worked and it grew. I’ll talk about that book at a later date.

For now, I revived the original TeenDom story, changed out Emily’s real-life world, and set the stage for a sequel to this book. It will be completely different than how the remake went. I have already begun writing the next chapter of this saga. I think it will be a total of 3 books when the series is complete.

On Writing “Deep End of The Pool”

Life is funny when you think about where something comes fun. What your imagination thinks about and how you come up with ideas. When I started writing Deep End of The Pool, it was years ago. Probably one of the first books I ever attempted to write. Oh year, there have been plenty of other stories in my life, but Deep End of The Pool was special.

The original working title for this book was called, Jaws The Inflatable. How this came about was in 1987 when the movie Jaws The Revenge was released. I was addicted to that movie and collected everything I could find, which included a promotion blow-up shark, which I hung from my ceiling. You could call it my first attempt at fan fiction when I wrote the start of a book about a little fat girl (myself) and an inflatable shark floatie that sat at the bottom of the pool. The floatie would come up and kill everyone except the little fat girl. It was a love story.

The story never panned out and it was put into the back of my head until my wife (girlfriend at the time) told me I needed to finish that story. Okay, well… I thought it was quite a dumb idea but the idea of a possessed pool sounded fun. I started with no outline, just a few chapters and I fell out of love with the story.

It wasn’t until recently that I came back to the story and chucked the entire idea, starting off from the beginning. The premise is still the same, a possessed swimming pool but nothing remained the same except for two characters: Jessica and Alex. They were supposed to be the main characters but instead I introduced you to a new main character, which pays homage to The Brodys in the Jaws franchise.

Sean Brody, is a newbie cop in East Texas in the 80s. Oddly, and only by accident did Sean Brody, who is an FBI agent in current day, appear in another one of my books. With an 80s Officer Brody and and 20s Agent Brody, I wonder if by chance Sean will appear other places creating at Brodyverse? Anything is possible.

NaNoWriMo 2020

November is upon us and everyone in the writing world know what that means: NANOWRIMO!

What does that mean? It is Nation Novel Writing Month. It is a little special event held each novel to help inspire writers to get out a write. Sometimes writers need a goal and a connection to other writers in order to push through their walls that keep them from writing. Others write all year long and just like to have this month to SPEED write.

The goal of NaNoWriMo is the write a novel or about 50,000 words during the month of November. Seems easy to some and hard for others.

I participated back in 2013 and wrote my book, Dark Waters Ahead, and I completed my novel in under a month. I will post that on this website at a later date. It actually is my favorite story to date.

Last year, I attempted with the story The Runaway. I failed at completing the goal and that story. It is currently on hold waiting for inspiration. It is a good concept, I just lost steam because again it was a genre that I was not used to writing. Its hard to go out of the comfort zone of writing and try something new. The Runaway was a fictional story inspired by Joan Jett. A small town girl runs away to Los Angeles in the late 70s in order to become a rock star.

I know love and romance. So you can see why I failed.

November is upon us. Now, I have two missions. 1) Finish Thorns of Yesterday. I need to finish this story in 7 days so I can have a fresh start and new story to begin November 1st. and 2) Come up with an idea for NaNo2020.

  1. Thorns of Yesterday is close to being complete. I just need to have the big finale and close up all the loose ends. Bad part of this is that I have no clue on how to end this or what the big finale is. This is the sad part of writing with no outlines and flying by the seat of your pants.
  2. Now on to NaNo2020. I have story that has been on the back burner for while. Actually 2 stories. RAVENS. It is about a team of girl super heroes trying to save the world. This is my attempt at creating a series. If I can develop the characters well enough, they can go on lots of adventures. Or idea number 2. Deep End of The Pool. This is a story that has been started but not nearly anywhere near being done. So, easy to write 50,000 words. This is a horror or suspense. Its about a swimming pool that is haunted and anyone that goes in it, dies except for those pure of heart. Okay, I know… dorky.

Ultimately, I think I am going to participate this year. I have a lot of free time in the evenings IF I don’t do anything else. I have a week to finish what I am working on and to decide my plans for NaNo2020. Wish me luck.