Disney Fan Fiction with “King of The Kingdom”

When I think back at the creative process of writing King of The Kingdom, it is bitter-sweet. It came from a friendship that turned into the fight and ultimately, that friendship dissolved into nothing. And to think it was over fanfiction? Or was it?

King of The Kingdom takes an original character and places him in the middle of Walt Disney World and the cast members, who work in the park. But let’s back up before we get into the story.

I didn’t even know what the hell fanfiction was until a friend of mine, who we will call JP, began writing it based on a cartoon on the Disney Channel. She explained how she/fans took the characters and wrote their own stories and created new worlds for them. Okay. I get it. What I did/do with celebrities. What she did was take two cartoon characters and created a romance that did not exist on the show.

I didn’t understand that. Okay. Cartoons and sex never mingled in my world and I couldn’t relate, so I moved on. She thought my passiveness was making fun of her. No. I just didn’t see cartoons like that. No biggy, not my thing. And I really wasn’t a fan of the show. I couldn’t relate.

Then I went to Disney World. And saw a cast member that was so unbelievably cute and adorable, I wanted to hook up with her. So. She played the character that JP wrote about, only in cartoon form. My fascination with her was the cast member, not the character, who just happened to be a live version of a cartoon character.

(((DEEP BREATH))) And so begins my writing of King of The Kingdom. A story about a young man who finds himself living at Disney World and meets Kim Possible, the cast member who thinks she is really Kim Possible. You see. Not the same. She thought it was which in turn caused a little fight between us. Oh, the fight gets bigger, but that is for a different book.

King of The Kingdom was the first completed book written, but it was not the first book I published on Amazon when I was publishing in book form. It’s a lot like Kingdom Keepers, which I have not read.

The Incredible Journey (1963)

Similar to the more popular, Homeward Bound (1993), The Incredible Journey is the tale of two dogs and a cat that travel over 200 miles in order to reunite with their family.

The story reads like one of Disney’s real-life adventures that they created years ago when they were into documentaries. Rex Allen narrates the journey like it is a documentary, talking about their journey and why the animals did what they did. Mixed with actors and actresses in human roles, the animals are the star of the show. Disney’s 1993 animated version used actors as voices to the animals took away from the need for the narration. Since Disney used live animals, they had to rely on narration to tell the story.

The animals consisted of a Labrador Retriever, who was considered to be the young adventurous one; an English Bull Terrier, an old male dog who was actually played by a female dog; and a Siamese cat. They got into trouble alone and together, but throughout the film, it showed a bound of love and friendship between these animals.

Less humor than the 1993 counterpart, but still a wonderful story told by Disney.

Holes (2003)

I should not have watched this film since I was planning on going through the Disney catalog on the new Disney+, but instead I picked this film on HBO because it said it was going away. Probably going to Disney+.

Holes is based on the 1998 novel of the same name starring Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, and a young Shia LaBeouf. Shia was just coming off of the success of the Disney Channel television series, Even Stevens. The story in Holes is divided into two parts: The kids who are on a juvenile detention camp. The other part is the legend of Katherine “Kissin’ Kate” Barlow and is shown via flashbacks based on what the kids are doing or finding. The kids at the detention camp are digging holes looking for “treasures” in the dried-up lake where the legend took place.

This award-winning young adult novel was released in 1998 and it was no wonder Disney picked it up and it was a great vehicle for LeBeouf. It’s a family film that adults can enjoy, probably even more than the kids. Its a wonderful film that would make Walt Disney proud.

WALL·E (2008)

So I was one of the fortunate ones to see Wall-E this week. I have to say, for all the hype Disney and Pixar has created for this movie over the last couple of years, it left me wanting more. I have heard it being called Short Circuit 3, and while I can see the similarities, I think there are enough differences to make it stand out on it’s own without any comparisons to ideas already hashed out in the movies. I am only going to relay things about the movie, not what happens in the actual movie.

Now, I love almost all of the Pixar movies. This one stood out in the direction and new ideas of blending reality and animation. They pushed the boundaries where they have never gone before and I was quite impressed with that. Wall-E is quite endearing in so many ways, you almost tend to forget he is just a robot. We found ourselves laughing with him, and getting happy when he became the hero. I don’t think I have ever been so engaged in an animated picture before, let alone a Disney movie.

The story itself was interesting…someone from our group said it was quite offensive to fat people (and you will totally see what I mean when you see it), but I found it offensive to Americans in general. We have been stereotyped in this movie, but the meaning behind it was a good one. I see what the writer/director was trying to accomplish. The question is…will anyone truly see it and make the changes necessary? We see the future as it will become if we continue on the path we are currently taking.

Pixar has truly left me a fan yet again, and for those out there that love a love story mixed with humor and sensitivity , then this is for you. I honestly couldn’t find much fault with this movie, which kind of surprises me, because I can find fault with any movie. I really loved it from beginning to end.

As a side note…the price of admission alone is for the short. Pixar amazes me with their short films at the beginning of every movie, and this one outdoes the rest of them hands-down. It is by far the best short they have ever come up with, and it had the entire audience laughing along. Now, if they would put that one into a full-length feature…that would be something.