Titans – Season 1

I spent my day off watching the first season of DC’s Titans on HBOMax. This was the series that tempted me to purchase DC Universe streaming channel but I held out when I heard they were bringing all the DC shows to HBOMax when they created the service.

Titans is an adult and live-action version of the animated series, Teen Titans, with Dick Greyson as the lead character. In season one, we find that Dick has left Gotham for Detroit as he is trying to distance himself from Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Quickly we are introduced to another handful of DC characters that will eventually make up the Titans. We have Starfire, Raven, Gar, Dove, and Hawk. Others we meet along the way is The Doom Patrol, Donna Troy, Jason Todd (the new Robin), and our villains. Even during the finale, we get a little Batman and Joker action.

Season one is more of an introduction of characters and some backstory, but not a lot. We get glimpses of who the characters are but the story arc revolves around Raven (Rachel Roth) and stopping a lot of people from killing her. It takes all season to find out why people want her dead and season two will be that reason.

DC and Warner Brothers really didn’t skimp on the quality of writing or special effects. While I think the acting could have been better, that is what you get with a lot of unknowns. Ultimately, the first season has caught my attention and I am ready to watch season two. I was able to finish the first in one sitting.

Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)

Beginning an attempt to dive into DC’s animated films, I start my quest with Justice League: The New Frontier because Superman: Doomsday was not available for free streaming on any of my million paid services. The film debuted on Cartoon Network in 2008.

I don’t know much about the Justice League per se even though we recently had a film about them but in this early film, the Justice League was born without much help from Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In this film, we get a basic origin story of Hal Jordan and how he becomes the Green Lantern as an evil entity that they don’t know or understand tries to released pre-historic dinosaurs on the planet. It is up to the Justice League to stop it.

That is the basis of the main plot of the movie, but to incorporate others into the story there are a lot of subplots for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash that really have to point to being part of the story.

What I didn’t like about the movie is that all the “human” male characters all looked alike. It was hard to tell the difference between Hal Jordan and the Gotham PD cops. Even the women characters like Lois and Iris had similar characteristics that made it difficult to know who was who until they said their names. These characters had very small roles. It feels like they were just trying to find ways to incorporate all the DC characters into one movie.

On the other hand, what I liked about the film was that it kept moving. The film didn’t linger too much on the who, what, and why but got to the solution quickly. 75 minutes went fast. Some people complained that the film was too short but honestly, any much longer and it may have become boring.