Why I Love and Hate Apple Music

When the digital music age took off, I was one of the first on it. Yes, I might have been on Napster. It’s how I found Belanova. I was all for getting rid of the excess in my life even though I don’t think music is an excess; CDs are.

Before digital, I had lots of vinyl and lots of CDs that I owned. I listened to everything in my collection. I knew all the songs, the tracks, track listings, names of the songs, and knew every band/artist in my collection. You could ask me questions about my collection and I could tell you most anything.

Once digital became the norm,  I ripped them all on to my computer at the highest quality and uploaded them to my iPod. It was the biggest iPod they had at 160GB. My entire collection fit on that one device. I didn’t grab a few files online but once I learned about a new artist, I purchased their music legally. My collection grew.

As I added new music, digitally, I became less connected to it especially as my iPod was set to shuffle all the time. Maybe I didn’t it to myself by shuffling but I have a wide variety of music and want to listen to it all. I stopped buying physical media and only purchased from the iTunes store, until Apple Music.

Apple Music is wonderful. Period. A lot like Spotify, Apple Music gives you music streaming. You listen to what you want, when you want, and they give you recommendations based off your listening habits. This is awesome. I have found so much new music and new artists that my library has grown by leaps and bounds.  And for writing music reviews, this is perfect. I can pull up new music, listen to it over and over while I writing my review, and done. I don’t need to own it, purchase it, or waste money if it’s bad.

That sounds great, right? Its is until your music library is filled with downloaded music that you can’t remember ever downloading. When I find out about a new artist, I don’t always have time to stop right then and listen to them. I might have heard one song that was amazing and I downloaded the album for later. Later never comes because you have still a bunch of other albums still in your later pile. Sadly, there is no pile. It is just taking up space on your “cloud” and you never come back to it.

Just recently, Apple Music gave us “new music” based on our listening habits. Every Friday, we tune into the new music. A good song comes on and I go to add it to my library, just to find out I already downloaded it. A band, SIENNA, had already been added and I didn’t even remember it. This is my life with music right now. I have so much music, that I have too much music.

Without the tangible disc in my hand, I am disconnected with music. I don’t see the names of bands anymore. I don’t know the names of the albums, either. Heck, I don’t even know the names of the songs. There is a band called VEINTIUNO and I really like their music, but I can’t not tell you one name of a song. This is how digital and streaming services have changed the way we listen to music. Or maybe it is just like radio. You hear a song and you like it, but you have no clue of who sings it.

I love Apple Music… and I hate that it has made me disconnected from it too. It seems that unless you stop and play a downloaded album over and over, you never truly connect like you did with physical media.

Apple’s Weekly Selection: 3/27/20

Apple Music’s new music Friday has a new selection of music for me and my listening pleasure. Here is what was recommended to me this week and my opinions of Apple’s suggestions.

  • Natalia Jimenez – El Lado Izquierdo De La Cama: Natalia has been in my list since she left La Quinta Estacion. Not a favorite but there are a few good tracks, this one is a bit boring for me. I did not download it.
  • The Dollyrots – Make Me Hot: Not Latin pop, but my wife loves this band which is why it was recommended for me since we are on a family plan.
  • Ednita Nazario – No Vuelvas: I’ve never been a fan of Ednita Nazario but because she similar to many other artists I listen to, so she was recommended. Not my jam.
  • Adam Lambert – Love Don’t: DISLIKE, DELETE, Report this music to Apple Music. Please don’t give me him again. Thank you.
  • Caloncho – Besame Morenita: I downloaded the track when I listened to it the first time, but after a second listen…MEH! It’s okay. I don’t feel like I connected to the music. It has a decent beat, just not as poppy as I would like it.
  • Reyno – Ahirman (En Directo): If the band is releasing this as a single, they really need to edit out the talking at the beginning of the track. I think of radio play and that slow instrumental with the band thanking people for coming is a little bland for radio play. The song is good. I really enjoyed it once the music began. I may have to find the band’s studio version of this if there is one.
  • Coco Cece – Tamaño Nuclear: I want to know more about this singer. It shows that she has a bunch of singles and EPs available on Apple Music. I really liked this track. Good beats and the chorus is pretty catchy. I downloaded this song as well as her other singles.
  • Ramona – Calidez (featuring Bandalos Chinos): I have not heard of Ramona, but I have downloaded Bandalos Chinos album from 2018. I like the song and the two artists together, but what I head of Ramona alone, maybe might not be a fan. This is a pretty good track.
  • Noah Pino Palo – Muero X Ti (featuring CLUBZ): Disco, funk, and lounge music all in one. As soon as the music starts, you will either like it or not. I’m digging it. I think it might be CLUBZ participation on this track that makes me like it. Checking out Noah Pino Palo, didn’t find anything that screamed out at me. This is a fun track. Keep.
  • Tobogan Andaluz – La Vida: This track is the first from the short album or long EP that dropped this month from the artist. It’s a soft pop-rock track that is pretty decent. I will download this and the rest of the album for a listen and review.
  • DRIMS – Si No Encuentro Palabras: By the looks of the members, DRIMS look like a boyband. More of them to come. The song is good, very good as a matter of fact. I believe they can provide me a bit of good music if the other singles and EPs on Apple Music are anything like this. I’ll check out more of their music.
  • Inmigrantes – Propaganda: Something a little harder than the soft pop that Apple has given me so far. This has solid drum lines and a good beat. Downloaded as well as other singles and EPs from Apple Music of them.
  • Odin Parada – Palma Azul (featuring Sofia Stainer): A solid upbeat pop track that features a good beat and fairly catchy chorus. Lots of horns used in the song. It gives the song an underlying lounge feel. Odin Parada has a few other singles on Apple Music which are more dance music.
  • Niños Mutantes – Una Noche: I am a fan of Niños Mutantes. It is good to see a new album from the band. I will be downloading the entire album for a review. This song is pretty good, so I am looking forward to hearing more.
  • Hidrogenesse – Otro Lado: Nothing that made me want to look for more. This acoustic style track was a bit boring for me. I’ll skip.
  • Mabu – Utopia: Never heard of Mabu, but the song is decent. It is from a 4-track EP, which I downloaded for a closer listen.
  • Xoel Lopez – Joana: This track is a ballad that features the singer and a piano for the first part of the song. It builds up pretty fast with a bass line under the piano then mellows out to where we started from. I’ll skip this track.
  • Varry Brava – PlisDonGou: Apple Music recommended this band about two weeks ago. I liked them then, I am liking them now with another new track. This song starts off making you think that you are going to hear a cover of Luis Miguel’s “Cuando Caliente El Sol” but this is far from that. I really enjoy the music from this band. The band has four albums online at Apple Music. Time for more to hear more.
  • Triangulo De Amor Bizarro – Fukushima: Indie rock band releases a self-titled album this month and this is one of the tracks from the album. I’ve never heard of them, but it is odd enough that I want more. With a female vocalist, this is right up my alley. Rock, electronic, new wave. It’s fun and I am looking forward to checking out the entire album.
  • Grises – Veneno: Grises is a bit hard for my taste in music. Hard drums, screaming guitars. It’s for some people, but not for me.
  • Betacam – Todo El Mundo Sabe Los Que Tengo Que Hacer: This song is not bad. The singer’s vocals lack the warmth needed for this music, but its not bad. I will download it and see what I think after a couple more listenings.
  • Carmen 113 – En Espiral: Another pretty good upbeat pop tracks. Who said pop music is dead? In a world where Top 40 is filled with Urban music, it is nice to see much more pop music being released. Apple Music has a few albums from this band, I’ll give them a listen. I like so far.
  • Uniforms – Casi Famosas: A girl group with an atmospheric pop sound. The song is pretty good.
  • Alejandro Sanz – #ElMundoFuera: Alejandro Sanz releases a new single in an acoustic style. He calls it an improvisation. It might be something he came up with and released during this quarantine from COVID-19. It’s not my jam. I’ll skip.
  • De Nalgas – Cascajo: The final song on this week’s playlist ends with the hardest track so far. The song has hard, fast, and has a punk vibe to it. I’m not feeling it, so I will skip this song.

That’s it for this week’s music list. Hope you enjoyed it. Give any of these artists a listen on Apple Music or Spotify, or your favorite streaming service. Support indie artists.