Late Night (2019)

Mindy Kaling brings us the story of Late Night television as writer, producer, and co-star of the movie Late Night. The film stars Emma Thompson, a popular TV host who hires a new writer after being called out for not having any women on staff. Molly Patel (Kaling) is hired as a minority hiring and put on the writing staff even though she had no experience in the industry.

While this is happening, the network is planning on replacing Thompson’s character, Katherine Newbury, with a younger and more in-tune with today’s world male TV host. Newbury goes to extremes to make herself relevant again with the help of Patel.

Mindy does a great job with the script for this film. The jokes and social satire with what is happening in the world were tasteful while remaining funny. Thompson’s proper British attitude played while with the American humor. It was a nice blend between the two worlds.

The film was quite enjoyable and I am glad that I took the time to watch.

Serenity (2019)

With two hot stars like Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway how can you go wrong with a suspense thriller like Serenity? The film was a box office flop and has crappy scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Even Christy Lemire of gave the film one star. I think I might give it a little higher than that though.

Steven Knight, writer of the 2016 Brad Pitt film Allied, directs the couple in a film about a fisherman (McConaughey) who is living on an island taking tourist out to fish. He is confronted by his ex-wife, who offers him $10M to take her new husband out on the boat, get his drunk, and toss him overboard in chummed shark waters. She tells a sobbed story about her new abused life and uses their son to entice him to perform the act.

The plot is perfect. How in the hell can you not love this film. The acting is great. You have wonderful back story to connect with the characters. The movie is on its way to being a awesomely wonderful suspense thriller…until.

There’s the twist. And I can’t tell you about the twist, other than there is one. And with this twist, you turn off the damn movie and say what the hell was that about. Without the twist, this movie would have been perfect. With the twist, critics agree this film was such a let down in the end. I had such high hopes for this.

ABBA: Super Troupe (2019)

ABBA Super Troupe is a hour long documentary of the Swedish pop band’s origins and how they became a household name, as well as international sensations.

“Few bands have been able to dominate the industry in the same way as ABBA. Follow their journey to celebrity stardom, through archival interviews and performances from ABBA, with added inside knowledge from leading industry professionals.”

If you don’t know who ABBA is, you have been under a rock since the 70’s. The maker of this documentary uses vintage interviews with the band, DJs, and managers to discuss the history of the band. They also interviewed John Tobler, who complied and produced the ABBA Gold Greatest hits album; and Paul Gambaccini, a British radio presenter. Both of these experts were focused on ABBA during their glory years.

There was not much we didn’t know about ABBA that came out in the documentary, but it is always fun to listen to experts talk about artists like this so fondly that you can see the love that they have for music and the artists. It was an hour well spent.