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My Novels and Writings

I’m been writing novels and short stories since 2008. I’m been writing novels and short stories since 2008. Here is a list of titles. I’ve posted on Fanfiction.net, Amazon, and Wattpad under the names: jrpopfan, JR Morgan, Jay T Ryter, Jae T. Ryter, and Jae R Morgan.

Here are a list of books/stories I have written in chronological order, summaries and links to be able to read them online at Wattpad.


  • King of the Kingdom – My first completed story ever. It is based on Disney World, Disney characters, and an original character. Similar to Kingdom Keepers but I wrote this before I even knew what that was.
  • Something Wilder – The first story that was written that had nothing to do with fanfiction but it was inspired by a real person. It is about a writer who meets his muse in a local bookstore. He falls for her but the only thing that is keeping them from each other is her husband.
  • Welcome to Venus (TeenDom Book #1) – My first BDSM erotic fiction that was originally based on an original male character and actress, Emily Osment. After writing this, the story was turned into a Hannah Montana lesbian fan fiction and released as girl/Mistress. I have since gone back and reedited to not be fan fiction.
  • girl/Mistress – First BDSM lesbian erotic fiction that follows two girls, a pain hungry submissive and a timid college girl that she wants as her Mistress. Originally released on Amazon at over 300,000 words. It is currently being edited to break it down into 2-3 different books including a prequel.
  • My Final Muse – Originally a real-person fiction written with an original male character and actress, Jennifer Stone. It was titled, A Muse Is Born when it was posted on FanFiction.net and the first time on Wattpad. A couple scenes were added during the last edit. The story is about writer who falls for his neighbor, who is an aspiring actress. Their relationship goes through the ups and downs throughout the story.
  • Dark Waters Ahead – 2013’s NaNoWriMo completed story. The concept and story was completed during the month of November with no planning what-so-ever. Loosely based on a cruise I went on, the story is about a young man, who can’t have the girl he loves so he decides to take whoever he wants to fulfill his needs on a family cruise vacation.
  • Cause and Effect – This story was written as a Hannah Montana fan fiction but was edited to become a stand alone novel with no real connection to the characters other than being in Malibu. It was first released as Girl Interruptous about a fight between two best friends, which landed one of them in rehab. Its a story about finding yourself and the truth about your friends.
  • Destiny – This is the story of a guy, whose destiny is to take over his family’s farm but he wants different life than what was destined. He meets a woman that he feels his his destiny and he convinces her to take a road trip across the country with him so they can both figure out what they want from life.
  • Irresistible Seduction – Released a few years ago as a raw first draft on Wattpad, this slightly taboo story follows the story of a boy, who goes to live with a family after his parents are murdered. When he comes of age, he finds himself in love with the woman who raised him, who is also drawn to him. The story has been removed from Wattpad pending a new edit.
  • Thorns of Yesterday – Another story that was originally released as a raw rough draft on Wattpad is about a boy who escapes from a sex-trafficking ring, who grows up troubled and unable to escape the demons of his past. When the ring is busted, he seeks revenge on his captors, who are still on the loose. The story has been removed from Wattpad pending a new edit.
  • Deep End Of The Pool – The idea of this story came to me before I even began writing in depth. It turned out to be nothing like the original concept but better. The story is about an officer who attempts to investigate a series of strange deaths surrounding a swimming pool.



All writers have a stash of work that sits on their hard drives or notebooks. Some might be just ideas; others might be halfway finished. This is a list of my stash and their statuses.



  • 44 (In progress first draft)
  • Addicted To You (half of a very rough first draft)
  • R.A.V.E.N.S (in progress)
  • Much More Than Coffee (few chapters written)
  • Things That Go Bump In The Night (first draft)
  • The Runaway (in progress first draft)
  • 50,000 Tickets (first draft flash fiction)
  • She’s Having My Baby (first draft completed)
  • TeenDom Book 2 (few chapters written)


  • Adventures of Cosmo Girl (planning stages)
  • Back To The Stage (planning stages)
  • Easier With Practice (planning stages)
  • R.A.V.E.N.S Book 2 (planning stages)
  • The Bet (planning stages)
  • TeenDom Book 3 (planning stages)
  • Whatever Happened To… (planning stages)
  • girl/Mistress The Prequel (planning stages)