Jae R Morgan

Writer. Blogger. Dork.

About Jae

I’m Jae Morgan and I am a obsessive writer. Whether its writing novels, short stories, blogs, or reviews. I am a writer.

I am all over the place when it comes to my hobbies. I once read that well-rounded people should have no less than 5 hobbies.

  1. Storyteller – I say storyteller because I can tell a good story. I may not be some prolific author nor are my stories book-worthy; they are pretty good stories.
  2. Music – I don’t play music but music is my life and honestly, I think everyone says that. I have been a fan of Latin pop music since 1983 and I blog about it on my website www.siempreendomingo.com
  3. Photography – At one time, I had about 30 different cameras. It has been narrowed down to 2 digital cameras and 4 film SLR cameras. I don’t blog about my photography because I just take too many damn photos.
  4. Fitness – Ever since I found myself in the hospital from not being healthy, I vowed to change all of that. Because of that, I found that my happy place is the gym. I have a goal to get my weight down 55lbs. I am blogging my journey at www.fatpandanomore.com.
  5. Books, Movies, & TV – This is everything else. I love reading. I love movies. and I loved television. Everything that makes me sit on my ass and not think about anything. Every so often, I will write a review or commentary on what I watched or read. Those can be found on this website.

So those are my 5 hobbies. This website mostly about writing but will throw in some reviews on a few things like movies, shows and books; but mainly it is about my writing. I will be posting information on finished works, ideas for new stories, and even short stories that come my direction.