King of the Kingdom – Epilogue (END)

The story itself ends there but ending on chapter 13 could not happen for this story. As a continuation of this chapter, we jumped ahead approximately ten years to see how the characters prevailed and to see if they truly ended up “Happily ever after.”

Daniel and Kim were still married and as happy together as ever. He met Kim’s family and they were who they said they were. Daniel even came face to face with Shego and Dr. Drakken, the mastermind that Shego worked for. Kim made sure that he was not harmed. He liked having a superhero for a wife, even though it was a dangerous life to live. Kim hired a few girls to portray her at the parks as they opened a treasure hunt around the world at Epcot for fans of the show.

The couple had two kids, a girl named Drew who came nine months after they were married, and a boy named Andrew who was about five. The kids spent most of their time in California at the studios with studio teachers. Andrew began following in his dad’s footsteps and had already begun to draw and create characters to be used in upcoming movies and cartoons. Drew became a writer and was using her mom’s adventures with Shego to create some new adventures of your own.

The family split their time between California and Orlando. Daniel moved his Orlando apartment to the Bay Lake Tower, which was more apartment-like than the Contemporary Hotel. While in California, the couple lived in a modest house in Hollywood Hills. At the couple’s Hollywood home, they had a wonderful pet named, “Sunflower”. Daniel decided that she was to come home with him and become part of the family.


Disney bought a bit more land in California including enough in the city of Long Beach, where the company opened a previously planned venture. They opened “Disney America” in Long Beach, a historical-based theme park. The second resort included the theme park, hotels, shopping, and a cruise port where they expanded the Disney Cruise Line to include trips to Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.

Daniel had researched the original plans for EPCOT and Disney opened the exact design in the middle of the country that would divide the east and the west. The new EPCOT was built in Conroe, Texas. Walt approved the location and creation of his baby. Walt visited Daniel many times throughout the years to give him his approval.

More hotels added to all the parks and were expanded. EPCOT Orlando brought more countries to the World Showcase that included Greece, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Spain.


As for the cast of characters, Roy passed away on schedule but there was no destruction at any of the Disney parks. The service was lovely, and the cast of Disney icons used their stand-ins at the parks to attend the service. Mickey and the gang cried as they said goodbye to both Roy and Diane, who had passed away a year before. Walt was there in spirit for both services.

Many of the friends Daniel had met in the cartoon graveyard were implemented into different movies and television shows. The graveyard ceased to exist after everyone went back to work. No longer were ideas and characters allowed to be tossed away. Daniel wanted everything kept in one area until it was used. This virtual world became a playground of sorts where no one felt abandoned.

Ron finally met the man of his dreams, he just needed to look outside of his safe zone and into the merchandising department. He met Jose and they got married in Orlando, where same-sex marriage was finally legal. Daniel and Kim attended the ceremony, as well as all the Disney characters.

To continue the traditions of Walt Disney, Daniel made sure his son Andrew would be groomed to take over the family business of family entertainment. He could see his son had the gift, as his characters came to life. Andrew met with his grandfather once during that time, but Daniel knew that it would not be long before Andrew and Wilbur would run off on adventures of their own with the time machine.

Did everyone live happily ever after? For now, yes but who knows what adventures will come their way.

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