King of The Kingdom – Chapter 9

Water ran from the faucet in the bathroom, Daniel splashed it onto his face as he leaned over the sink. He looked up to glance at himself in the mirror in front of him. He splashed again, hoping that he could wake up. In the last few days, Daniel had done nothing but sleep. He had not left his room, not even to eat. A bit hungry but not enough to motivate him to leave. He raised his head again and peered into the mirror.

A swirl of smoke appeared in the mirror. Blue and green smoked whirled to form a face. A face that Daniel has seen before. As he jumped back a step. He was startled by the fact the Disney world was entering his private room. A place Daniel thought was safe from the mayhem in the parks.

The face spoke, “Are you going to just sit around here until it all goes away?” Daniel wiped the mirror, trying to erase what he was seeing. The face just waited for an answer. It said no more or no less until Daniel answered.

“Am I Daniel Disney, Mirror?” Daniel asked to hope for the mirror to tell him the truth as he did to the Evil Queen from “Snow White”.

“Magicians do tricks. Few can create the magic that the world can see.”

“Like Walt?” Daniel asked.

“And you.” The face disappeared as the smoke swirled away to nothing leaving just the mirror that had shown Daniel himself.

Daniel knew there was a Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom going on. At the front desk, Daniel asked for tickets to the private party. The clerk at the desk said that the party was sold out, but Daniel was not excepting that answer. “Get me Bill, your manager.” Daniel forcefully asks. The clerk hurried into the back and she arrived with the hotel manager. “Hello, Bill.”

“Good Morning, Sir. Feeling better I see. How can I help you?” Bill said.

“I need a ticket for tonight’s Halloween Party.”

“Oh yes, sir. Anything else?”

“Nope, that is all.”

Bill printed out a ticket for that night’s Halloween party and off to the party Daniel went to. Bill looked at the clerk and he said to her, “Do what he wants, or you won’t have a job tomorrow.”


Inside the park, Daniel hurried toward Tomorrowland to check on the rides and see if they were protected. Everything seemed fine. He glanced over at the cars. He saw a green car with black stripes. Cautiously, he walked towards it. Before he could glance inside, he heard some laughing behind him. He turned around to find 6 young boys all dressed for Halloween. One was dressed in a fox suit, another a rabbit. There was a skunk and a bear, and two raccoons who looked like twins. They passed right by Daniel and entered the cars.

One of the raccoons called out to the fat bear-looking kid, “Cubby, get in the green car.”

The chubby kid ran towards the car that held Kim Possible, waiting for him.

Afraid that she may still be in there, Daniel called out to him “No, Don’t!” knowing he would have to explain, he continued. “It’s broken.”

The chubby kid ran to another car and all the boys took off around the track. Once out of sight, Daniel ran to the green car. Empty. A sigh of relief he let out.

Daniel did not know what he hoped to find that night, so he wandered the park thinking something might turn up. Anything. Daniel found himself standing in front of the castle staring at the colors of the lights. Someone took Daniel’s hand. He looked down. It was a little boy, about six or so. He was dressed like Mickey Mouse. Daniel smiled and pointed towards the castle showing him where Tinkerbell flew. Flashes started going off as people took pictures of Daniel and the Mickey costumed boy standing in the same position as the Walt and Mickey statue did. Daniel picked up the boy and looked into his eyes. He whispered to the boy, “Promise me, you will come back.”

“I promise.” the boy responded.


Daniel sat in front of the castle for a long while after the crowd dispersed, thinking about how he could be Daniel Disney. He wondered if Roy was his dad or should he even try to ask. A girl with black hair and a green and black spandex catsuit sat beside him and whispered towards him, “I am glad you are here.”

He turned to look at her and did not recognize her. She was dressed as Shego, a villain that fought Kim Possible on television. Shego never became a character at the park, not even at Halloween. “I think you have the wrong person,” Daniel told her.

The girl pulled back her black wig to reveal orange hair underneath, she smiled. “I needed a disguise to get back here. We need to talk.”

Daniel slid away from her on the bench. “I don’t think that’s wise.”

Kim’s eyes opened wide with a sad look, “Why not?”

“Look, I don’t know what is what and who to believe anymore.” He stood. Kim stood next to him and reached out for Daniel’s arm, but he backed away. “Don’t.”

As Daniel turned to walk away from her, she said to him, “I know everything. That’s why I was being followed. That’s why I left.”

Daniel stopped but did not turn around. Kim touched his shoulder, Daniel got butterflies in his stomach that time. Partly from what she said and the other part from how he felt about her. Beyond his better judgment, Daniel turned around and she stood in front of him. They looked at each other, she leaned in to kiss him. He pulled her close and their lips met. At that moment, the fireworks over the castle began. They laugh at the irony of the moment. Daniel grabbed Kim’s hand and they rushed over to Toontown. Kim knew a way out of the park that would bypass the park security.

Once they slipped out of the park through a couple of dressing rooms backstage, the two stopped for a bit of rest. Daniel proceeded to tell Kim about Ariel’s comments. “I am not sure why she said you were the cause of the destruction of Disney.”

“What do you mean destruction?” she asked.

“I forgot. You were there in the future. You told me that Dreamworks kidnaps Mickey, Roy dies, and Disney falls apart because there is no more magic.”

Kim laughed, “So what you are saying is that Jeffrey Katzenberg steals Mickey copyright, and when Roy dies the park’s quality goes downhill?”

“Not exactly. Never mind. You said you knew everything. What do you know?” he asked.

Kim took a deep breath and continued, “There is a secret society that Roy put together to get you here and keep you here.”

“Well, I know everyone knows me and I can’t leave.” Daniel agreed.

“Right, what I don’t know is exactly why,” Kim questioned herself. “As far as I can tell, you are Walt’s experimental son.”

“What? I am Walt’s son? Don’t you mean Roy’s son?” he corrected.

“No, Walt’s.”

“That is impossible. Walt died way before I was born.”

“Right. I said experimental.”

“Huh?” Daniel was way confused now.


Kim stood, “Come on. I need to show you something.” Kim led Daniel down a few different paths that led them to an abandoned building. “I found this place while I was hiding out.”

“Why were you hiding out?” Daniel asked.

“They say I am a bad influence on you. Roy told one of his security guards to erase me if I got in the way.”

Daniel thought about what she said, “The graveyard. You would not be able to get out if you get erased.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve heard about that place.” Kim said as she opened the door.


It is dark inside; Kim reached for the light switch. As the lights came on, the room revealed a laboratory. Vials, tubes, wiring, all dumped over the place. It had been ransacked. Papers on the floor seemed scattered. “I was in here for a while. I picked up some things to show you when I found you.”

Daniel followed Kim to a table. Paperwork with sophisticated scientific wording, formulas, and other things Daniel did not understand. “Explain to me what we are looking at.”

“From what I can make of this. They were using DNA from Walt to create you, or a boy.” Kim explained.

“You get all of that from this gibberish?”

“Yes, if you look at the formulas. Each time they were getting elevated levels of…” Kim glanced at Daniel to see if he was following along. A blank stare filled his eyes. Kim changed her words. “To sum it up in a version you will understand, each time they changed the formula. They kept getting girl parts. Until the last one dated December 1986. This was the last date I could find.” Kim pulled out a different paper. “This one shows they changed a few key things and boom. Boy! That is you.”

“You’re saying I was born in a test tube.” sarcastically Daniel replied to her theory. He walked around the room, picking up bottles, absorbing everything Kim had uncovered. Kim watched in silence. “I could have believed being related to Roy. But this is too farfetched. How can you tell all that from those pieces of paper? As far as I can tell, they are extremely hard math problems.” Daniel continued as he walked around.

Kim opened another door in the room. “There is more.”

Kim led Daniel through what looked like a closet and they walked for about half a mile down a dark hallway. The dim light became brighter as they got closer to the end of the hall. As they got to the end, Kim pushed open the door which opened to another door in Roy’s office.

Shuffling through papers on the desk, Kim pulled one out. It is a memo from the president of Disney to Roy. Daniel read it.


Roy, it is time that Daniel gets on board. The takeover is closer than we think. All shareholders are ready to sell at once to bring Disney back to the family. It is now or never. Stop at nothing to make sure Daniel accepts his fate as heir to Walt’s legacy. He has been trained well and I know you, as his true family, can make it happen. Do not let YOUR uncle down.

Signed, Robert Iger.


Daniel put the paper down on the desk and turned toward Kim, who was looking at the drawings that Roy had taken from Daniel. Kim smiled as she lifted the drawing of her and Daniel having sex that he had drawn. “I particularly like this one. I see why I am a bad influence. Not very Disney-like, is it?”

Daniel grabbed it from her, folded it up, and put it in his pocket. He looked around the office.

“You win. What do I do?” he asked.

“I’m not sure really.” Kim walked close to him and put her arms around him.

His arms wrapped around her waist. Daniel was still in a state of shock over everything he had just read. Kim leaned in and placed her lips on his. Momentarily forgetting about what was happening around them, the passion took over and Daniel pushed Kim backward onto Roy’s desk and began to kiss down her neck as he started to unzip her Shego costume.

Kim, not resisting, begun to left Daniel’s shirt. Kim won and Daniel’s shirt went flying in the air. It was stopped by Roy’s face as he entered his office to see Daniel and Kim Possible making out on his desk.

He startled them when he spoke, “Even I have never made love at the office.” Daniel and Kim quickly adjusted themselves in shock that they had been caught.

“Take her away,” Roy ordered.

“No!” Daniel exclaimed, but Roy did not take back his orders.

Roy’s two goons grabbed Kim as she fought to get free. Struggling, they took her up the stairs.

“Where are they taking her?” Daniel tried to go after her, but Roy stopped him.

“She will be fine. Her show was canceled anyway. She will never be missed.” Roy said.

“I will. I love her.” Daniel said realizing that he had never told anyone he loved them before.

“Touching. We have bigger problems we need to take care of. I see you have already been through my desk. So, I assume you know why you are here?” Roy asked as he sat down behind his desk in his chair.

Daniel sat in the chair in front of the desk. “Yes and No.” Daniel picked up his shirt, put it on, and adjusted himself. “Sorry about the desk.”

“Look, Daniel, I am going to cut to the chase. Despite how you got here, you are part of the Disney Family. Walt was a creative and intelligent man; he knew one day that science would be able to create life. Walt left parts of himself around so that science could grant him a son. A son that would take over the company and continue where he left off.” Roy started to explain.

Daniel listened, taking it all in and holding questions until Roy finished. “I thought as long as someone from the family was here, the company would be safe. I was wrong. Before we created you, Disney had some tough times. I finally talked to Diane, Walt’s daughter, and your sister, and we agreed that it was time for us to try Walt’s science experiment. It worked and you were born.” He continued. “We couldn’t just create you and say, here is your life. You were just a baby. We had to wait to see if you had any of Walt’s creative genes. If so, you could represent the company and continue where Walt left off.”

Roy paused for a moment, so Daniel asked a question. “So, my uncle growing up?”

Thinking of the right wording, Roy decided to go with the best answer he could dream up, “He was a cast member. He was hired to watch you and guide you in the direction Diane and I thought best. When you were ready to leave home, they convinced you to come here so we could evaluate you personally to determine if you had Walt’s creative and magical genes.”

“I was tricked into coming here.” Daniel paused for a moment. “Did I pass with flying colors or was I not what you expected?”

Roy did not answer. Daniel expected Roy would not answer as he already knew that he was not Disney material. Daniel asked Roy, “So everything I’m seeing and experiencing is just part of the show. An act?”

“Absolutely, not. Only a few people in the world could experience what you did. Walt was one of them. I was lucky enough to get a bit of that magic. You have it too. Robert Iger, the president of Disney is a paper man. We create magic because we believe in it, we can see it.”

Daniel got up, paced around the office for a bit then sat back down. “What is this take over? What do you want me to do about it?”

Roy leaned back in his chair. “It’s not that simple. It’s not 1-2-3. Disney is in talks for a corporate takeover. The shareholders, corporate executives, and a whole bunch of other people have decided that you since you are Walt’s son, will own 51% of all Disney stock, which would bring Disney back to the family. This means that no other corporations can do a hostile takeover and Disney will remain intact.”

A smirk came from Daniel, “So why not you? You’re Disney blood.”

Putting his hands behind his head he replied, “I don’t have the best reputation at Disney. I am kept here because of the name. I do a lot for the company but I’m not the one they want. I am just the ‘idiot nephew’. You are Walt’s son. It has been decided. It is you or the end of Disney as we know it.”

Scratching his head, Daniel seemed confused all over again. “So, what you are saying is they want to give me the company? Someone they know nothing about.”

“Own the company. The board stays as is. Everything continues as is with the business. As for you. You will take over what Walt did. Ideas. Walt was the guy with the big dreams, the ideas, the creative force behind what we are. You will help reshape Disney back to its founding principles. You have the gift that Walt did. I know you do. I have seen it. Well, except for one.”

Daniel interrupted, “Sorry about that. I took that back.”

Getting up from behind the desk, Roy walked around to Daniel. “We need you. I want you here. I am not going to be around forever.”

Daniel looked up at him from his chair. He thought about it for a moment. Finally, he had another requirement for Roy, “I get all the stuff about business, but I want something in return.” Roy listened to Daniel’s proposal, “I want Kim back.”

“That’s not an option,” Roy said.

“Why not?”

“Your relationship is not very Disney.”

“Come on. You’re telling me that Walt, your dad, You? You all had women in your lives. Why is Kim any different?” Daniel argued.

“You do know that she is just a Cast Member. She is not the real Kim Possible.”

Daniel laughed a bit, “I have the magic. You said. How could I be with Kim Possible, Cruella, all of them? They’re real.”

“Yes, they are but not her. She is a cast member filling in for the real Kim Possible. That is why she did not know who you were. Everyone else knew she did not. She is not Kim Possible, trust me.”

Daniel thought about it for a second. “I still want her back. I don’t care if she is Jane Smith. For all this to happen, I want her back.”

Roy contemplated the proposal. “On one condition, you keep your wild side outside of the spotlight.” Daniel smiled. Roy hugged Daniel, “Welcome Cousin to Disney.”

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