King of The Kingdom – Chapter 8

Back at his room at the Contemporary Hotel, Daniel tried to analyze the graveyard, how he got there, and how he got out. Why did he come back to Roy’s office? Why did Roy have every drawing that he had done? And why was his photo on the wall behind Roy’s desk?

As he sat in his chair looking out over the Magic Kingdom, Daniel tried to think about the Disney family. Roy, in particular. He could see Walt in his head, but not Walt’s Brother Roy O., or any other family members. On the internet, Daniel went to search out pictures of the family. Disney is so well known; it is easy to search Walt’s family. Scanning through hundreds of images that popped up, Daniel found a photo of Little Roy, Walt’s nephew, who was still working for Disney. He studied the photo that was recently taken.

A flashback to the other night where we were chased into a hole, the movie. Roy was the man that said they thought they had a boy. What did all this mean?

The graveyard characters thought he was Daniel Disney, someone coming to save Disney. Save Disney from what?

As he tried to put two and two together, Daniel noticed flashes of light coming from the Magic Kingdom. They were not in the same spot each time like fireworks. The flashes of light seemed like were moving along Main Street then back down towards the castle. He could see toward Space Mountain. It looked like it is on fire. There was a red glow around the ride. Oh no, the park was on fire?

He closed his eyes in fear and when he opened them, he found himself in front of Space Mountain. He was back in the park.


Yensid, the sorcerer from “Fantasia” stood casting spells over all the rides in Tomorrowland. Happy the rides were not on fire, he watched Yensid’s frantic state casting spells on the rides.

“What are you doing to the rides, Yen?” Daniel asked as if they were longtime friends.

“I am trying to protect Tomorrow since you’re not?”

“What do you mean, I’m not?”

“You have been given a gift but unfortunately, you are not accepting it or embracing it. I guess it’s up to me to save Tomorrow.”

Yensid moved on to the next ride, leaving Daniel behind to understand his words. He started, watching him continue to cast spells on each of the rides.

“Psst! Hey you…”

Daniel heard a voice and turned toward it.

“Yeah, you… Come here,” he said.

“Do I know you?” Daniel said to this kid.

“Yeah, Sort of. Well, no, not really.” The boy said to Daniel looking a little puzzled. “But I can get you out of here.”

Daniel followed the boy around to the backside of Space Mountain, Daniel, and this boy came to an aircraft of some sort.

“What is this?” Daniel asks him.

“If I told you, you would not believe me.” The boy told him.

“Who are you?” Daniel continued to ask.

“If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me, but I can get you back home,” he responded. Daniel was hesitant. “Look! Right now, you can’t leave Disney World, right? I can get you home. You just need to believe me and trust me for like two seconds. Can you do that? Can you trust me for like five seconds?”

“You said two seconds.” Daniel sarcastically replied.

“Well, if you don’t wanna go home then I will leave you here.” The boy climbed into the aircraft and closed the hatch. The engine starts.

Daniel knocked on the glass. “I will go if you just tell me your name.”

“Wilbur. Now get in.”

Wilbur flew over the Magic Kingdom and Daniel could see all the havoc that was continuing around the park. He asked Wilbur, “Yensid said that I needed to protect Tomorrow. Do you know anything about that?”

“Hold on…” Wilbur ordered as the aircraft took a nosedive right in the middle of the lake of EPCOT. Daniel screamed as he thought the plane would crash.

The aircraft changed into a sub craft that took Wilbur and Daniel below the waters. Daniel opened his eyes to see if he was still alive. Beautiful clear water surrounded them. Fish swam around them as they traveled on.

“Where are we?” Daniel asked.

“On the way home,” Wilbur responded. “You may want to get comfortable; this will be a while.” Wilbur pushed a button that read Auto Pilot and leaned his seat back to a reclined position. The craft slowed to a snail’s pace. Daniel seemed to be aggravated.

“Wilbur? Come on. What is going on? This is crazy.” Daniel yelled as Wilbur snored away in a deep sleep.

Daniel looked around and saw an emergency release button. He contemplated a second but then ultimately pushed the button. The hatch opened one side of the craft and Daniel was freed while Wilbur slept peacefully on the protected side. Daniel swam through the reefs trying to get to the top before he would run out of air. It seemed there was not a surface close by. He did not have trouble breathing.

He opened his mouth to talk, and he could. “Hello?” he called out. Nothing responded. He continued his way.

As he swam around a reef, Daniel’s eyes opened wide as he saw a treasure chest of sorts. It was not a chest, but definitely a treasure. The walls of the reef were covered in things from above. Necklaces, cups, cameras, etc. They were all over the place. Daniel swam in closer for a look. He picked up a set of Mickey Mouse ears and put them on his head. He swam to another rock that had some interesting items from the past.

“Hey? What are you doing here?” Daniel heard from below. He looked below him as Ariel swam toward him. “Answer me. I said what are you doing here?”

“I guess I am lost,” Daniel said. He could not believe he was talking to Ariel underwater.

“You’re not supposed to be down here.” Ariel insisted.

“I was trying to get back to the surface.”

“How did you get down here?” she asked. Daniel sighed as he realized he had no clue how to answer her. Ariel smiled. “Daniel, it’s okay. I know this has been hard for you to understand everything that has happened. You should try to stop fighting it and accept your place in the world.”

“My problem is that I don’t know how this is happening. I don’t understand anything, anymore.” Daniel plopped down on the edge of the rock as if he were not underwater. Ariel saw his frustration and looked around.

She swam to a rock above and brought back a photo. It was a photo of Walt Disney. She gave it to Daniel. “What do you see?”

“Walt?” Daniel questioned even though he knew it was Walt Disney.

“No Silly. Look in his eyes.”

Daniel stared at the photo to see what Ariel was talking about. When Daniel looked back up at Ariel, she was holding a mirror up to his face. Daniel looked at himself in the mirror.

“You’re him,” Ariel said cheerfully.

He removed the mirror from his face and pushed Ariel away. “No, I’m not. Why does everyone think that I am Daniel Disney?”

“How can you talk underwater? Prince Eric can’t.” Ariel tried to explain.

“That does not mean I am part of the Disney family. I’m dreaming all of this. I have to be.” Daniel refused to believe.

Ariel seemed to be fed up with Daniel’s refusal to believe he was part of the magical family and left him behind. Daniel watched her swim away but decided he will follow her.

He took off after her, “Ariel wait!”

Ariel slowed down for Daniel to catch up. The two of them swam back to Wilbur’s sub craft. Daniel and Ariel got in the vehicle and sealed the craft. The water emptied. Ariel grew her human legs as the water disappeared. She banged on the craft divider and woke Wilbur up. He was shocked to see Ariel in the craft with them.

“What are you doing here? No freaky MerHumans allowed.” Wilbur exclaimed.

“Quiet down, Future boy. We need to show Daniel the future of Disney.”

“I don’t think we need to do that.” Wilbur protested taking Daniel to the future.

Ariel smacked Wilbur over the head. To the future, they went.

Feeling something strange in her hand, Ariel looked down to see that Daniel holding her hand. She quickly removed her hand and pointed toward the Magic Kingdom. Daniel could not see it. She pointed off in the distance. Still, Daniel saw nothing. Wilbur zoomed in for a closer look. The lights shined brighter, but what Daniel was looked nothing like the Magic Kingdom.

“What happened?” Daniel asked.

“It’s all gone,” Wilbur said as he wiped a tear from his face. Daniel stared off to the nothingness of where Disney World once sat.

“They kept the castle and the Epcot ball for restaurants. Other than that, it is gone.” Ariel said.

“Where did it go?” Daniel asked.

“After Roy died, there were no more Disney Family members to keep control,” Wilbur explained.

“What about Diane? Walt’s daughter?”

“Gone before Roy. The night Roy died, so did the magic,” said Ariel.

Daniel asked Wilbur to take them to the night Roy died. After pushing buttons on the dashboard, the three of them were transported back to the night Roy E. Disney died. The aircraft landed in the middle of Main Street. They got out of the plane. Ariel told Daniel that was when everything went crazy. Wilbur pointed for Daniel to watch the castle. Tinkerbell took off and about halfway up she fell to the ground.

Guests screamed as they watched Tink fall to her death below landing in front of the castle. Blood splattered hit guests in the front of the crowd. Guests started dispersing, running for the exits. The fireworks began exploding before they hit the air. Balls of flames came from Tomorrowland and New Orleans Square. Guests came running from all sides of the park.

The power went out in the park. It was a war zone with signs exploding rides going off the tracks. Daniel stood paralyzed from shock. He could not believe what he saw. Disney imploding.

Ariel watched as this little girl came running up to Daniel, her shirt is on fire. The girl looked up at Daniel and said, “Help me, Daddy.”

She dropped down in front of him. She had died from burns. Daniel stared at her and spoke. “Take me back.”

“To where Mr. Disney?” Wilbur said.

Daniel heard what Wilbur said and punched him in the face. “I am not Walt; I am not a Disney. I did not do this to the magic. This is not my fault.” Daniel yelled.

From out of nowhere, Daniel got tackled and knockdown. On top of him was Kim Possible. His Kim Possible. He smiled.

“Let’s not get mushy. We need to get out of here and now.” Kim told Daniel as she quickly pulled him to his feet.

Kim pulled Daniel toward the back of the park against the oncoming guests running for the exit. Ariel and Wilbur hollered for Daniel to get on the plane.

In a quiet corner behind the castle, Kim ducked down. Daniel followed. Their hearts were pounding from running and they were breathing hard.

Daniel took a deep breath then asked. “Where the hell of you been?”

“Hiding from Roy but really? I don’t get a hello or a nice to see you?” She questioned with sarcasm.

“What do you mean Roy? And Hello. Nice to see you again.”

“Look, I have been doing some spying. I saw you leave with Wilbur, so I knew you would be time traveling. I knew he would bring you here, so I had to wait a few years for you to finally show up.”

“I am confused.” Daniel shook his head. “How many years have passed?”

“Five from when we met. I need you to go back with Wilbur to the present. I will be at the Magic Kingdom hiding in one of the Autopia cars. The green one with the black stripes. Find me. We need to stop Mickey from being kidnapped by DreamWorks.”

Kim ran away. Daniel turned toward the front of the park to meet Ariel and Wilbur. When he arrived, Ariel demanded. “Daniel, don’t listen to her. She is the cause of all of this.”

“Yeah. Kim is bad news.” Wilbur continued.

Daniel hesitated but he went with them back to the present day.

Wilbur landed the aircraft back in Tomorrowland where he picked up Daniel and left him with some parting words. “Daniel. Here is some advice for you. Go with Yensid, let him guide you. And please… Stay away from Kim Possible.”

Daniel watched as Wilbur and Ariel flew away. He looked over at Yensid. Confused by the decision he needed to make, he glanced toward the Autopia cars and saw the green car with the black stripes. He looked down at the ground to decide. Should he go look for Kim, who had waited for him to come back? Or should he go with Yensid as Wilbur told him and help protect tomorrow? Frustrated, he stomped his foot and ran to catch up with Yensid.


From the Autopia car, Kim watched as Daniel ran towards the sorcerer. She got so mad that Daniel chose to leave that her true colors began to show. No longer was Kim Possible. She shed her skin to reveal that she was truly Queen Narissa, the evil queen from Enchanted. She screamed in such anger that it could be heard around the park. Daniel stopped in his tracks.

Yensid continued. “Ignore her. It’s what we do best here at Disney.”

Around the park, characters heard Narissa’s scream and laughed. Mickey giggled as he had dinner with his famous friends Donald and Goofy.

Mickey mentioned. “Narissa is having another fit again.”

The three of them giggled again at the thought of Narissa.

Yensid led Daniel over to the castle to the statue of Mickey and Walt. The two of them stood there. Yensid took Daniel’s hand and held it. The two mimicked the statue as if Yensid was Walt and Daniel was Mickey. Daniel closed his eyes to feel Yensid’s spirit.

When he opened his eyes, Daniel was back in his hotel room at the Contemporary Hotel. He looked out the window toward the Magic Kingdom. Everything was peaceful. He had fallen asleep in his chair and had a nightmare. Time for bed, he thought.

When emptying his pockets, he pulled out a folded-up piece of paper. Opening it up, he realized it was the photo of Walt that Ariel had shown him. Daniel laid down in his bed with the photo of Walt in his hand. He stared at it until he fell asleep.

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