King of The Kingdom – Chapter 5

Throughout the night, Kim paced the apartment. She was still furious with Ron and his attitude about dating Daniel that she refused to let him in the apartment. She did not care where he slept or even if he slept outside on the steps of the complex.

She wanted to call Daniel, but she did not. He probably hated her because she stood him up. She cursed Ron to the high heavens beneath her breath and even lost her temper at times taking in our on her furniture.

Kim had always been considerate of Ron’s space, but she knew something was off. Wondering about what he was hiding, she decided to investigate his bedroom. The thought of his bedroom disgusted her because, for a gay guy, he was not exceptionally clean.

She had time that morning before she had to be at work. She looked around a bit trying to see if she could spot anything without having to dig into the mess and become contaminated. As she was about to leave, she saw a red folder on his nightstand. She went for a closer look.

When she opened the file, there were photos of Daniel in the park, even a photo of Daniel and Kim together. There were statistics on Daniel, information about his life, and something that seemed a bit unusual. As she started to read more, there was a knock on the door that startled her. She dropped the papers as she jumped. Kim scrambled to pick everything up and put it back where she got it from.


Again, Kim jumped. She checked out the peephole to see who it was, something she normally did not do. With a sigh of relief, she saw her handler, Summer, had arrived to escort her. She opened the door quickly and hurried into the apartment. A handler was like a security guard for the characters at the park, who make sure they behaved.

“You’re not ready.” Summer noticed.

“I know. Something is going on.” Kim said a bit nervous as she rushed to get ready for work.

“Like what? Where’s Ronnie Baby?”

“He’s an ass. I kicked him out.” Kim said as she was hopping on one foot, trying to put her pants on.

“What happened?”

“No time to talk. We gotta hurry and go.”

Kim’s sudden change in demeanor confused Summer but the two of them hurried to the Hollywood Studios for her early morning shift.


RED needed to get Daniel’s mind off Kim and back on the important things in life. He would have to make sure the little troublemaker, Kim Possible, was dealt with. There would be no more outside influence from her anymore. RED sent his henchmen to make sure of it.

When the big, bulky goons got to Kim’s apartment, they realized that she had already left for the park. They called on the radios to let RED know she was gone. RED called in two teams of guards, one to search the park for Kim and the other to keep an eye on the hotel for the possibility that Kim Possible might head to see Daniel.

At the hotel, Team One assured RED that there was no suspicious activity and Daniel had been in his room since he had returned from the park the night before. The voice on the two-way radio reminded them that the moment Daniel left his room that someone needed to go up and grab the new sketchbook and replace it with another.

Team Two continued to check the park and hunt down Kim Possible with negative results. The radio voice asked them if they even knew where Kim was supposed to be if she was working. The voice screamed at them when they confirmed they were clueless. RED told them to check the Streets of America area. When the goon duo confirmed the spotting of Kim and Ron, RED instructed them to stay away from the guests but to grab her as soon as they could.


Between autographs and photos, Kim tried to talk to Ron about the file in his room but could never get a word into him. They were immensely popular with the guests that day. She could not focus on the guest as she so many things running through her mind. As her mind wandered, so did her eyes.

Team Two had been seen by Kim. She became extremely nervous when she saw they were watching her. Trying to get Ron to look over towards them, he ignored her insistence.

As the crowd died down and Summer tried to round them up, Kim noticed the two guys approaching them. Those men looked more like goons than security guards. Summer allowed one more fan to come forward for a photo.

Kim’s paranoia kicked into high gear as the men were almost within reaching distance. She ran off without photos and autographs for the fan who had been waiting for quite a while. The fan decided she was not leaving without her autograph, so she chased after Kim and the two goons began chasing Kim and her overzealous fan.

“She ran. We are chasing her and her little friend.” One of the thugs said into the radio, having confused the fan with an accomplice.

The fan hollered at Kim as she continued to trail her. “I need my photo; you are the only cute Kim Possible.”

Kim did not slow down in the least. She rounded the corner at the end of the Streets of America and entered the Muppet area. She jumped on the edge of the Muppet fountain and launched over Miss Piggy’s figure in a textbook perfect example of a back handspring and landed on the other side of the fountain.

Guests ooh-d and aww-d over the spontaneous Kim Possible stunt show they thought they were seeing. They applauded as Kim made the successful jump, but she kept going.

The goons caught up the Kim fan, who had stopped because she could not keep up with her idol. When they saw she was not with the runaway, they pushed her aside and continued in the direction Kim went.

Trying to give them the slip, she ran into Mama Melrose’s Italian Restaurant. Kim knew the hostess, so she grabbed a menu and hid at a table just before the chasers arrived. The goons thought they had seen her enter the restaurant but when they did not see her. They left and continued outside.

Hoping she had given them the split; Kim ran out of the restaurant. Unfortunately, they spotted her. Kim ran in the direction of the Back Lot Tour, ducking in and out of stores, trying to lose them along the way. They were not giving her much of a lead as they were close on her tail.

The entire time she ran, she had no clue why she did it. She did not do anything wrong but deep down, she knew it had something to do with Daniel. When she got to the Back Lot Tour, she ducked behind the Disney airplane that could be seen during the tour. She remembered Peter Pan telling her that a key to the airplane was under the back wheel. When she looked, there it was! Kim grabbed the key and unlocked the door to hide from the evil chasers.

After she decided to rest in the plane which would give the goons time to move on, Kim noticed a costume that had been left behind. It was bright red and yellow. She picked it up and notice it was a Tweedle-dee or Tweedledum outfit. Up ahead in the pilot’s seat was the costume head. This could be Kim’s getaway outfit. She could put on the costume and they would never realize that it was her. Kim looked at the outfit and started to laugh aloud.

She remembered what Peter Pan had said. Peter once told Kim, while swapping stories, that he and Tink had flown over to the park after hours and noticed the plane was rocking. When they looked inside, they saw Alice going at it with the Tweedle brothers. Kim prepared to put on the outfit but was grossed out by the Peter story. She shook it off because she had no choice if she could escape without the goons spotting her. The guards had guns and did not look afraid to use them, but she would try.

As a Tweedle, Kim left the plane and calmly walked toward an employee exit. When she got to the gate, she noticed one of the goons in front of her.

She tried to not give herself away but being the mischievous little girl she was, she decided to play a little game with the guy. She tapped him on the shoulder, and he quickly turned around. She waved at him and danced a little, too. He tried to ignore the Tweedle but Kim kept pushing him and rubbing on him. It was as if the Tweedle-Kim flirted with the big guy.

The goon pushed Tweedle away, but Kim took it one step too far and grabbed his behind. He got mad and raised his fist to hit Twiddle, but Kim ran off knowing when too much was enough.

“Leave the fat boy alone,” said the other goon who walked up. “We lost her. RED is not going to be happy. Let’s go.”


Kim was not far away and overheard the conversation. Who was RED, she wondered? Kim decided to follow behind them, not too close, to see where they went. She followed them by ducking behind trees and bushes right up to the building. As she spied from a nearby area, she saw RED come out of the building to meet the two chasers at the door. Her eyes widened when she realized who RED was.

“She got away.” One of the goons said.

“Keep a watch on Daniel and if she gets near him, get rid of her. Erase her if needed.” RED said calmly.

Kim watched in horror as she found out her life truly was in danger. How could such a wonderful man, who was so beloved, think and want such horrible things to happen to her. Kim started to cry. She took off the Tweedle outfit and ran off in another direction. She needed to high tail it out of the park.

When the guys got their orders from RED, they left for Daniel’s hotel. Along the way, they notice a pile of red and yellow fabric. One of the guys picked it up and realized it was a Tweedle outfit. He looked around suspiciously. Could they have been foiled right under their noses? Was the Tweedle a Kimposter? He threw the costume on the ground and stormed off to Daniel’s hotel.

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