King of The Kingdom – Chapter 4

Excited about the night that she had with Daniel, Kim had to tell Ron everything that had happened and everything she felt. Kim had trouble sleeping that night because she could not get her new favorite man out of her head. She dreamed about the things that he said to her and how she felt about him. Even the thought of a future with him had crossed her mind. All these things made Ron feel uneasy.

Ron tried to keep calm after the news he had heard from Kim, but he was starting to freak out. Kim was not to be dating Daniel, nor falling for him either. This was not the plan. Kim could destroy everything everyone was so desperately trying to keep in place.

The next day when Kim continued to talk about Daniel, Ron decided it was time to freak out. After their shift, Ron ran as fast as he could until he reached a small building that was just outside of Hollywood Studios. He did not even stop to change out of his Ron Stoppable clothes.

There were no signs anywhere on the building. It was discreet. One could miss it if you did not know. There was only one entrance into the building, and normally standing at the door was an armed bulky man. The guard was checking around back when Ron ran up, almost using the door to stop himself.

The guard heard the pound and ran toward the door pulling his firearm. Inside, Ron caught his breath as the guard came in with his gun pointed directly at Ron.

“Step down. He is one of ours” said a distinguished man dressed in a suit, who was pointing at Ron.

The guard returned his gun to the holster. “You know, son, you could have been killed by not following the channels.” The guard said.

“I know, but I think this is an emergency.”

“Alright, come with me.” The businessman motioned for Ron to follow him. They walked down the stairs that opened to a large room of people and computers. There were a couple of offices on the sides of the room. Ron followed, still out of breath. They entered one of the offices.

Ron explained how his fellow cast member, Kim Possible, had met up with Daniel off the clock. He told them how she had feelings for him and how this could be a problem for Project DD.

The man behind the desk as everyone knew as ‘Red’ assured Ron that he would manage the situation. “We will be sure to take care of her.”

Looking scared, Ron asked. “Are you going to kill her?”

Red laughed and motioned Ron to be excused. Another bulky man in all black, armed with a gun as well, made sure Ron left the building.


On the way back to his apartment, Ron started to feel guilty. Had he just gotten his best friend in trouble? A knot started forming in the pit of his stomach and he felt sick. Not wanting to enter his apartment yes, he sat on the steps to think about what had happened. He knew Kim was home and was not ready to face her. What could he do now?

Just then, Kim came out of the apartment. “Hey, there you are? Why did you run off? And why are you still in your action wear?”

Startled, Ron turned around noticing that she had fixed her hair and had on some nice clothes. “Where are you going?”

“Out with Daniel. Are you okay?” Concern filled her voice.

“You can’t,” Ron replied nervously.

“Why not?” said Kim, puzzled by Ron’s resistance.

Ron paused, trying to produce some reason she could not. Nothing came to his mind.

Frustrated, Kim began to walk off. “You’re just jealous.”

Those were the words Ron needed to hear that sparked his plan. “Yes, I am!”

“What? Why?” She stopped and questioned.

“I think I’m in love with him,” Ron said so proudly.

“What? You don’t even know him!” Kim said loudly as she grew frustrated.

“Remember when we made the pact. If we both liked the same guy, neither one of us could have him?” Ron used an earlier conversation against her.

She remained puzzled.

“So, there. You can’t date him.”

“You have got to be kidding.” Kim started pacing.

She did remember the agreement they had made about a year ago. Both she and Ron liked the same guy, Aladdin at EPCOT. They both agreed that they would not compete for the same guy. Even though Kim knew that Aladdin was very hetero and would not have ever been interested in Ron. She gave in and decided not to pursue Aladdin.

Against her better judgment, Kim gave in, “Fine! I won’t go.” She stomped back up the stairs like a five-year-old.

Ron started to follow. The door slammed in his face.

Behind the door, he heard Kim holler. “But you are sleeping somewhere else tonight.”

Ron knew he hurt his best friend but was afraid for her as well.


Daniel had not heard from his agent in a while, so he decided to give him a call. He had to hurry as he did not want to be late for his romantic dinner date with Kim. He grabbed the phone and dialed the number. Three tones sounded and a recording said the number had been disconnected. He thought that was strange. He tried again. Same recording.

Concerned, he called his uncle who may have heard from his agent about a number change. He dialed his uncle and again, a disconnected number. He looked at his phone and shook it like it might be broken. He called his uncle again. When he got the same recording, Daniel pocketed his cell. He stood there for a moment but realized he would have to deal with this problem later. He was not to be late for his beautiful redhead.

Daniel and Kim planned to meet up for an early dinner as she had to work in the morning. They planned to meet at the hotel for dinner then return to the Magic Kingdom that night.

As he headed to the restaurant, a man with a briefcase went up to Daniel’s elevator to his apartment. He rushed to finish his mission as he was afraid Daniel could come back at any moment.

Entering the apartment, he looked for the sketchpad that had been left for Daniel earlier. It was not on the table or by the sofa. Nervous that his task was taking longer than expected, he called on his two-way radio, “I can’t find the pad.”

The voice on the other end of the radio responded, “Check the bedroom.”

The invader went into the bedroom and the pad was laying on the floor next to the bed, “I got it.”

He put the sketch pad into the briefcase, and he pulled out a new one. It was identical to the one that was there, except with empty pages. Once the exchange was made, he left the apartment and back down the elevator. He discreetly passed the briefcase to a guy dressed in black, who walked outside the hotel and stepped into a black limousine, which drove away.


The limousine pulled up to the building outside the Hollywood Studios. The man with the briefcase stepped out of the car and walked down the stairs, inside the building, into an office that read PROJECT DD on the door.

On the wall behind the desk of RED, who was in his late seventies, was a picture of Daniel. RED looked up from his desk at the briefcase-carrying man, “Did you get it?”

“Yes,” He plopped the case on the desk and opened it up for him.

RED smiled when he saw the first drawing that Daniel had created; Donald Duck with Daisy. He flipped the page, hoping to see more of the Disney characters come to life.

In the next drawing, one of the characters did come to life, but not in a way he wanted. Daniel had drawn a photo of himself with Kim in an intimate moment without any clothes on. That did not make RED happy. He flipped the page, the same photo redrawn. He flipped again, the same photo with a few differences. He picked up the book and flipped through the photos.

As he went from page to page rapidly, the scene came to life. RED could see the action on the paper of Kim and Daniel having sex right before his eyes, just like cartoons are drawn. When RED realized Daniel’s creative mind was family-friendly, he grew furious. The book hit the wall and dropped to the ground.

“I want her out of the picture, permanently,” RED demanded to the man who brought in the briefcase.

“Yes, Boss.” He replied.


Daniel had been waiting a while for Kim to show up, but she was running late. Soon he realized she was not coming. He tried to call her. No answer. That was better than the disconnected numbers he had gotten earlier. He tried again, still no answer. Because he could not reach her, he decided to eat without her and go to the park as planned. This bummed him out because he thought he was falling for her. But, he wondered, she did not the same way for him.

One of Daniel’s favorite rides at Disneyland had always been the Jungle Book cruise. He decided to check out the ride first to see how much of it was different from its California counterpart. His boat ride was relaxing, the water was calming. He saw minor differences, but no major changes to the ride itself.

As Daniel exited the ride and walked down the path toward the park, he heard from above, “Pssst.”

He looked up and to his amazement, the fake python came alive and became Kaa from the Jungle Book. Kaa was in the tree talking to him. Daniel looked around to see if anyone else saw Kaa. Everyone passed him on the walkway without a glance up at the tree.

“Hey, you…” Daniel looked up at the tree with a puzzled look at Kaa. “Yes, I am talking to you.”

“What’s up, Kaa?” Daniel asked.

“I see you know me well. Wanna have some fun?”

Daniel accepted Kaa’s invitation and ducked behind some trees, out of sight from the rest of the park. After passing a few trees, the forest opened to where he found himself face to face with Shere Khan, the Bengal tiger that is a true villain in the story of “The Jungle Book.” Scared to run or move, Daniel stood completely still for a moment in fright.

Shere Khan started to pace around for a moment when he stopped, looking at Daniel. He crept slowly towards Daniel and spoke. “I would run if I were you.”

It took a moment to realize the tiger spoke. Once Daniel saw Shere Khan moving toward him, he turned around and ran toward the direction he had come. After passing a few trees, he knew the park was steps ahead of him. Daniel ran as fast as he could, constantly glancing back to see if Shere was behind him.

Daniel no longer could see Shere, but the park never came. He had no clue where he was, nor could he see the park nor civilization of any kind. He could hear music playing in the distance and thought there could be people, some cast members, who could help him get back.

As Daniel continued forward, the volume of the music increased. He knew he was headed in the right direction. Moving branches and bushes out of his path, he finally reached another opening. He stood at the clearing with his eyes opened wide as he saw Baloo and King Louie dancing and singing in the field.

Was he dreaming, figments of his imagination?

The other night, he saw Cruella DeVille and her henchmen stealing puppies, and the cast member, playing Kim Possible, saved the day. Now, he was in the middle of a Disney jungle watching the costumed cast members singing and dancing to songs from the Jungle Book movie.

As Daniel was about to walk up to them, a young boy in red underpants ran up behind Daniel and jumped on his back. “You’re here!”

Stunned by being attacked by Mowgli. Daniel starts to laugh. “You’re Mowgli?”

Mowgli jumped off Daniel’s back and said, “And you’re Daniel.”

“How did you know that?”

“Everyone knows that. You’re famous here.”

“What do you mean famous?” Daniel thought that someone had the answers he wanted to know.

“Famous as in we all know who you are. We were told you were going to come one day. We’ve been waiting for a long time.” Mowgli started dancing towards Baloo and King Louie.

Daniel followed him into the opening. When Mowgli saw Daniel was coming to play with them, he got so excited. “So, is it true?” He asked.

“What is true?”

Baloo added to the conversation, “You can draw, man?”

Daniel laughed, “I guess.”

The three Jungle Book characters rejoiced. They jumped up and down and sang a different song. The music faded seamlessly into the song they sang. Mowgli ran over to a rock that was off to the side. He jumped behind it and when he jumped back over it, he had a scratch pad and some pencils. He put them in Daniel’s hand and continued dancing.

“Draw us having fun,” He told him.

Daniel laughed at all the characters playing and having a fun time. He sat on the ground leaning up against a tree to draw what he saw in front of him.

A blast of warm heat hit Daniel in the face. He opened his eyes and sniffing him was Shere Khan. Daniel froze in horror, realizing that he had fallen asleep. It was dark but he was afraid to check his watch. He had no clue of the time or what to do at this point.

Shere moved his head toward Daniel as if he were about to have him for dinner. Suddenly, three fairies came out from behind a tree. The red fairy hit Shere on the head with her wand. Shere turned to attack, but the blue fairy changed him into a little house cat. Shere ran off behind a tree.

Daniel stood up from the ground and dusted himself off. “Thanks for saving me.”

Fauna, dressed in green, commented. “He wouldn’t have hurt you.”

Flora, dressed in red, added. “He just likes to scare people.”

Merryweather, dressed in blue, continued. “We just gave in a taste of his own medicine.”

Daniel smirked and thanked them. He looked at his watch and realized the park had been closed for a couple of hours. Feeling rushed, he asked. “Do you know the way out of the park?”

The fairies showed Daniel the way out of the jungle and back to the park. He grabbed his sketch pad and followed. Once out of the trees, Daniel thanked the fairies and gave them all kisses on the cheek. Each one of them blushed and flew off giggling like little schoolgirls.


The park was empty as far as he could tell. He did not know how he was going to get out. He ran down Main Street shouting “Hello?”

He hoped someone would answer him or see him. He got to the front of Main Street, he paused. Turning in circles looking for anyone that might be around, he saw no one. The only thing that he could think about doing without getting in trouble was to call Kim Possible.

He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and opened it to dial her number but just then he heard a voice behind him. “Hey!”

Daniel turned around with a sigh of relief. Someone. Daniel walked up to the cast member holding a broom. “I am so glad I found you, I got lost and…”

The cast member interrupted Daniel. “That’s ok. Your car has been waiting for you out front.”

“My car?”


A bit puzzled but by that time Daniel had gotten used to things being a bit off. Daniel replied with a thank you and ran toward the front gate. He glanced back the sweeper was gone. Just like that, not in sight anywhere.

Daniel shrugged it away and ran to the car waiting where the buses should have been if he was on time. He got in the car and it took off. Daniel glanced back at the park as the car took him back to his hotel apartment.

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