King of The Kingdom – Chapter 3

Walt Disney World was a wonderful place to live, Daniel thought. He had a variety of restaurants at his disposal, and he had been eating at each one, trying to find his favorites. A week had passed since Daniel moved into his hotel apartment, yet he still was not used to everyone talking to him like they knew him.

He took buses to the parks and each time he got on, the drivers would speak to him, asked him about his day and his adventures. Being friendly, Daniel did not hesitate to carry on conversations. He soon began to start them as soon as he got on the bus.

Daniel had spent the past week talking to so many people, who worked around the park. What he had started to notice where he saw many of the same people. He showed up to ride Space Mountain and he would see James and Kathy, who were very friendly ride operators. At the It’s Small World ride, Travis and Dina were there. When he moved Splash Mountain, James and Kathy were at that ride. It seemed to go on and on, over and over. Various places and different parks.

With everyone so friendly, it was hard for Daniel to figure out why he felt important. Everyone was important. He also became a bit lonely because he was there alone and did not have a friend.

Back at Hollywood Studios, Daniel noticed a large crowd of people. He walked towards the crowd and stop to see what the commotion was. In between the cluster of kids and adults, Daniel noticed a red-headed beauty in a pair of khaki cargo pants and a tight black shirt posing with people and signing autographs.

Next to her was a dorky-looking blond guy dressed in blue pants and a black shirt with a green backpack.

Daniel smiled. He thought the little redhead was cute, especially when she smiled. He decided to find a place to sit and watch her from afar. I might have been a little creepy, but he was bored, and she was nice looking. He had the perfect spot where he could make direct eye contact with her. She could see him if she looked out past the crowd of people. She did.

Kim glanced across the way and saw Daniel looking at her. They both smiled at each other, but Kim seemed to blush as she did. That went on for a while until the park handler motioned for Kim and Ron to leave.

Daniel followed them for a bit.

Kim and Ron had been friends for a while and loved working with each other. While they enjoyed the kids for autographs and pictures, they enjoyed the adults a little more. Some of them could be odd and gave them much to talk about behind the scenes.

Because Ron was gay, the two of them would always try to pick out the hot guys for each other. There was one time that a girl had come up to the two of them and told Ron to get out of the photo. She only wanted Kim and even told him, “No Boys Allowed.”

Ron teased Kim for a couple of days afterward that she needed to go lesbian and leave the guys for him. They liked to tease each other and had grown into best friends. They had become such good friends that they had even moved into the same apartment. Their place was close to the park. It was behind the Magic Kingdom.

Many of the Disney characters had moved into the apartment complex that had been dubbed “Walt’s Playhouse.” Kim and Ron had been there for about a year together.

Recently, Kim noticed Ron had been going to a lot of company meetings. It was odd that she had not been included in the employee meetings. Ron had been leaving early or staying late. When Kim would ask about it, Ron told her it was nothing.

If they both worked as cast members and in the same department, why wasn’t Kim ever asked to go? She thought at times that maybe Ron was trying to get another job, but he continued to deny it.

One day as the duo was leaving the park, Kim saw Daniel. “Look, there he is.” She pointed out to Ron.

“Who?” Ron responded.

“The guy from the other week. Remember the cute one who disappeared?”

Kim pointed over towards Daniel. Ron’s eyes followed Kim’s fingers and stop when he saw Daniel. Quickly, Ron exclaimed with a scared look. “No!”

“What do you mean, no? Don’t you think he is cute?”

Ron started to stutter, “Uh… um… no?”

“Really? I would have thought you would have agreed with me.”

Ron composed himself to make sure that Kim changed her mind. Ron’s gayness quickly came out. “Oh no. Not him. Please, girlfriend. You could do much better than him. The boy does not even know how to dress… And did you see that hair? So, 97.”

Kim laughed as they continued their way out of the park.

Daniel ducked out of sight of Kim and Ron for a moment. The duo left the park behind a gate that read: Cast Members Only.

Daniel decided it was time to test his theory. He first thought that everyone in the park knew him because it seemed that everyone, he talked to knew who he was. He also wondered that if he went to a place that he was not allowed, would anyone say anything?

Daniel waited a few moments at the cast member door, trying to get up the nerve to go through it. He did not know what he would do when he got in there or what would happen. As he was about to go in the door, the door opened from the other side. Daniel jumped back a step to avoid getting hit and out came the red-headed girl that he had been checking out earlier.

The girl giggled, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Daniel said as he got his bearings again.

“I’m Kim,” she said with an awkward smile.

“I’m Daniel,” he smirked.

Daniel’s object of affection had changed clothes in the back and had come out in a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and a Disney baseball cap. Daniel thought she was just as cute in street clothes as she was in khakis and a blacktop. The two of them started chatting with each other and had sat down on a nearby bench.

The more the two of them talked, the more Daniel realized that she had no clue of who he was. Daniel felt a bit relieved he could connect with someone not trying to please him.

Kim talked about Ron, her family, and other sorts of trivial stuff with Daniel. For hours, the two of them walked about the park exchanging stories of past friends and enemies. Daniel noticed how she referred to everyone she talked about by their character names, including Ron and her enemy Shego. He thought that was cute. He thought it must have been easier to stay in character, but he felt like he knew nothing real about her.

Both Daniel and Kim began to feel infatuated with each other. By sunset, Daniel held Kim’s hand while they wandered. They spent the entire afternoon talking and flirting with each other.  Daniel made reservations at the Sci-Fi diner and invited Kim to join him. Without a second thought, Kim agreed.

The tables at the Sci-Fi diners were like cars. People would sit in the back seat of the car and would eat in a small area in front of them. It was cramped, but perfect for people who wanted to be close to each other.

Daniel’s reservation was late in the evening. After dinner, it was closing time for the park. Daniel and Kim left the park together. Kim knew her way around the Walt Disney World complex, so she told Daniel they could walk around the park and get to the area where they had employee buses and cabs.

Daniel agreed to follow Kim and the two of them set off towards the employee area.

The walkway around the park was incredibly quiet, almost private. The path was brightly lit in places in spots but was almost pitch black in between each streetlight. In the middle of one of the dark spots, Daniel decided that he wanted to try to kiss Kim. He stopped, grabbed her hand, and pulled her close to him. Her body was up against his as he put one of his hands around her waist and pulled her close.

“May I kiss you?” He asked politely.

Kim smiled happily, “Sure.”

They both leaned into each other. Their lips met.

Kim pulled away slowly from Daniel. “That was nice.”

They continued toward the parking area holding hands. Just as they rounded a corner, Kim could feel danger nearing.

“Shhh! Did you hear that?” she hissed quietly.

“No. What?” Daniel perked.

“It seems to be coming from over there.” Kim pointed off towards the park’s animal kennels.

Daniel and Kim tip-toed through the trees and bushes toward the kennels. Kim held Daniel back with her hand as she stopped to peer through the branches. “I see someone.”


“Shhhh.” Kim moved closer, slowly, to get a better look. Daniel followed behind.

“Oh my god,” Kim exclaimed as the kennel area came into view.

“What?” Daniel asked.

Kim looked in amazement at what she was seen, “No freaking way…”

“What?” Daniel said again.

“That is so weird.”

“What?” Daniel asked that time is a more forceful voice. He could not see anything standing behind Kim except her cute, round bottom, which he has been looking at for most of the night.

“It’s… Cruella?” She questioned herself as the words came out of her mouth.

“As in DeVille?” Daniel said bewildered.

“Uh, yeah…” she paused. “Come on.”

Kim motioned for Daniel to follow. The two of them quickly stalked past an opening between trees and hid behind another set of trees, closer to the commotion at the kennel. Daniel almost fell as he moved behind her to get a better look.

“I’m sorry,” He whispered.

Kim looked back at Daniel as he had her pinned against a tree. Daniel did not move. The two of them paused for just a moment. Daniel felt extremely comfortable up against Kim. He moved his arm around her side and stopped as she rested against him. Kim took a deep breath as the two moved in closer to each other. Just as their lips were about to touch, a slam came from the kennel.

Daniel and Kim forgot about each other for a moment and focused their attention on Cruella, who ran out of the kennel with a small Dalmatian puppy in her hand. Laughing with an evil tone, Jasper and Horace, Cruella’s henchmen, were behind her with two small crates in their hands.

As soon as Kim heard some puppies whimper, Kim went into action. “Oh hell, no…”

Out of nowhere, Kim ran directly towards the gang of dog stealers and with a swift kick, knocked down Horace, whose fat round body landed on the ground with a thump. Kim took two steps up the wall of the kennel and backflipped, landing surely on her feet.

Daniel stood in amazement watching his Kim take down the hoodlums. Jasper dropped the kennel of puppies and ran toward Kim, who tried to punch him as he reached her. Jasper went flying and landed on the hood of his truck.

Cruella began screaming at the men, “Get her, you bumbling idiots.”

Both Badun brothers got up and ran towards Kim. Each of them ran at her at the exact time. Kim grabbed both of their arms and flipped them on their backs with a thump. She then ran toward Cruella, who was getting into her long red De Ville.

“I don’t think so, Cruella.” Kim forcefully pulled Cruella out of her car.

Cruella fell, sliding towards to building, being stopped by the wall of the kennel. Jasper and Horace tried to pick up the crates of puppies, but Kim saw them out of the corner of her eye and kicked each of them toward their truck. They scrambled to get their bearings and raced into their truck. Cruella left behind the small Dalmatian puppy and drove off behind the Badun brothers.

Kim screamed at them, “And don’t come back.”

She saw the puppy and picked it up. Daniel came out from behind the tree with his eyes opened wide. He helped Kim return all the guest’s dogs to the kennel. Shutting the door behind them, Daniel stood there looking at Kim and thinking about what he had just seen.

“You’re just like Kim Possible.” He said with excitement in his voice.

“Daniel,” she paused and walked over to him. She put one of her hands around his neck, gently touching his face along the way. “I AM Kim Possible.”

Daniel softly laughed at what she had said. He put his arm around her, and they continued off towards the parking area.

Parked discreetly in a car across the lot, a man dressed in all black with dark sunglasses was on a cell phone. “I think she may be a problem.”

As Daniel and Kim walked away, he turned on the car and followed behind the couple without his headlights on. He stayed far enough back that he could watch them without being noticed.

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