King of The Kingdom – Chapter 12

The tour around the world started in California where Daniel spent two weeks visiting all the parks and all the corporate offices. With all the traveling on his plate, Daniel got the secretary he wanted. Elisabeth began working at once to organize Daniel’s schedule to fit everyone and everywhere in on his calendar. By the end of the California trip, Daniel had gotten used to the layout of the Burbank studios.

After California, Daniel visited Tokyo. Disney had two parks and three different hotels in Tokyo. One of the parks opened in 1983, but most of the additions happened within the last few years. The parks were owned in conjunction with Oriental Land Company. Daniel wanted to give much attention to meeting with the executives and to make sure that everyone was happy.


His visits around the world were not just for Daniel to play at the parks but to talk to the employees who worked at the parks. He knew that sometimes those people were the ones with the greatest ideas. He took all the ideas and kept them handy. He never wanted to discredit one of them from the start. He felt that sometimes those ideas may be needed again.

After Tokyo, Daniel headed to Hong Kong to meet the newest addition to the Disney parks family. Much of the construction of new areas, rides, and attractions were on their way. Daniel received an exclusive look at the progress. Disney was only using forty percent of the land bought for the resorts. He met with Bill Ernest, the executive vice president of the resort, and a team of Imagineers over lunch to discuss plans for future expansion. There was also talk about buying more land next to the park for a second theme park. Daniel threw around ideas that were positively received by the executives in Hong Kong.


Daniel had been away from Orlando for two months. He missed his bed. He had grown accustomed to his room at the Contemporary Hotel. He also missed Kim though they talked often on the phone. It still was not enough. Deep down, he was a tad happy that she was on the other side of the world. He did not know how much longer he could hold out on being a gentleman around her. He wanted to return to Orlando where he could focus on Kim and their upcoming wedding day.


When he got to Paris, Roy called Daniel and let him know that he was in town and wanted to go with him to some of the executive meetings. Daniel wanted to stay at the Hotel New York on the Disney property. He was very fond of Art Deco and thought the beauty of this hotel surpassed all the hotels he had stayed out thus far.

Before his breakfast meeting with Roy and Philippe Gas, the CEO of Disneyland Paris; he called Kim to see how she was doing. He knew that he might wake her up as it was about 2:30 in the morning in Orlando. When she answered, she did not seem like she was sleeping at the time. She almost sounded that she was surprised he called her.

“What are you doing up so late?” he asked.

“Uhm,” she paused a second. “I have been working on wedding plans.”

“How is it coming along?” he asked, inviting her to spill the beans about the wedding.

Kim and Ron had planned all of it. Daniel still had no clue on the date or any of the details. They seemed to be having so much fun planning a dream wedding, Daniel did not want to take away from that.

“We have most of it finalized, you know. Ron has been great and has awesome ideas.” Kim replied, giving him no more details than he already had.

“Well, I don’t want to keep you. I just wanted to check in with you. Can’t wait to see you in a few days.” he added.

“Yeah, me too. I love you so much. See you soon.” Kim and Daniel said their mushy goodbyes and Daniel went on with his breakfast meeting.

When Daniel got to the restaurant, Roy was already there with his people, working on some ideas that he had for the animation department. Before Roy came to Paris, he had power lunches with the creative team in animation for new story ideas. Roy brought some ideas with him to discuss with Daniel. In such little time, Daniel felt he had gained more responsibilities than originally discussed. He did not seem to mind. Everything felt so comfortable for him and the new challenges had become second nature to him.

The breakfast went well. Daniel looked forward to many new expansions to the Paris park and wanted to be a part of those ideas. Roy told Daniel that they were invited to a formal event that night and Elisabeth would be taking him to get fitted for a tuxedo that he would need.

Daniel never owned a tuxedo. Roy said he would get much use out of it with premiers and functions that Daniel’s new job would require him to attend. Daniel did not mind, he knew that eventually, he would have to do it with his wedding coming up.


The event was held at Disneyland Paris park. Inside the castle was a ballroom that Disney used for parties and special events. Roy had told Daniel that Disney was entertaining some important diplomats and they were going all out in a Disney event like no other.

When Daniel arrived, the room was filled with Disney executives, as well as formally dressed Disney characters. Mickey and his friends were all dressed in tuxedos and ball gowns. The princes and princesses were all there as well as many of the many favorites that could be seen in the parks. Everyone was dressed to the nines.

Daniel shook hands with lots of people, some he had never met before. The room was set up with a small stage at one end of the room. On the other end was a grand staircase that came down from rooms that were upstairs.

The event was in full swing, Daniel was introduced to many of the Paris elite, but nothing was as impressive as the entrance of Kim Possible.

Kim, dressed in an all-white wedding dress with a long train that flowed behind her, made her way to the top of the stairs. The eyes around the room all pointed directly to her. She stood there waiting for her love’s attention to turn to her. As it did as everyone a hush fell over the room.

Daniel noticed everyone looking toward the stairs and he turned his attention in that direction. It was the most beautiful woman in the world, who smiled as Daniel stood frozen by her beauty. Butterflies went crazy in his stomach as he realized that day was what she and her best friend had been planning.

Kim began to glide down the stairs and music started to play by a band off to the side of the room. Daniel watched her. His eyes were still focused on her. He smiled as she got closer.

Roy leaned over and asked Daniel in his ear, “I think you need a best man.”

Daniel looked at Roy, they hugged, and Roy stood next to him as his best man. At the bottom of the stairs, the wedding march began to play. The room divided into two as they let the bride pass towards her groom. James, Kim’s dad, was in the crowd. He met her and walked down the aisle created by the guests.

As her best friend, Ron felt it was his duty to play maid of honor although he was in a tuxedo and not a dress.

When Kim reached the end of the aisle, they found themselves at the front of the stage where a minister came out to conduct the ceremony. Kim and her father hugged, and her hand was to Daniel to take as his wife.

As Kim took her place next to him, she leaned to him and said, “I hope this isn’t too soon.”

He replied, “This is perfect.”


The guests knew they were attending the wedding of Disney’s newest family member and an unlikely marriage candidate, a character. The two of them were married in a beautiful ceremony and reception in the castle at Disneyland Paris.

Outside the castle was a glass carriage, like that of Cinderella’s carriage, which waited for the newly married couple. After the reception, Daniel and Kim met the carriage that took them around the circle and down the main street where a limousine waited for them.

The driver took them around Paris at night before returning them to the Hotel New York.

Daniel could not get over the fact that everyone had kept the secret he would be married that night. In the limousine, Daniel had a tough time keeping himself from ravishing Kim. He contained himself until they got back to the hotel. As soon as they were inside the room, neither one could hide the passion they had for each other. Shirts, pants, and dresses hit the floor as they passionately hugged and kissed each other. Hands wandered to all parts of their bodies. Finally, the moment that both Daniel and Kim were yearning for happened.


The next morning, Daniel woke with Kim next to him. It was the greatest moment in his life thus far, Daniel thought. He rose and sat on the balcony, letting Kim continue to sleep. He stared off at his Kingdom. He realized that he was on top of the world. Kim woke and saw Daniel on the balcony. She put on her robe and walked up behind him. Her arms came over his shoulders, she hugged him and kissed him on the neck.

“Our plane leaves this afternoon for our honeymoon,” she whispered in his ear.

Daniel laughed, “You planned everything, didn’t you?”

“Pretty much. I cleared your schedule with Elisabeth and Roy. You are mine for another two weeks.”

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“I know you have always wanted to visit Greece. This is your chance. We will be in Athens for a week then I rented a beach villa on the island of Santorini for rest before we go back to Orlando.”

Daniel was excited about the news.


The couple set off for a honeymoon full of adventure, sightseeing, and relaxation that Kim hoped would be danger-free. She would hate to be called off to fight crime if Shego and Dr. Drakken did not behave themselves, which they did during Kim’s once-in-a-lifetime event.

Back in the states, word of Disney’s Fairy Tale wedding was front-page news. Everyone was excited about the news and welcomed the news with open arms. All the magazines plastered with their faces and tagged the story with “And they lived happily ever after!”

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