Short Story: A Family Mystery Uncovered

The next writing prompt I have was a fun one. I kind of worked it out in my head, but it didn’t come out right when I put it on paper. Maybe I waited too long. I don’t know. So here it is…
THEME: A Family Mystery Uncovered
MUST INCLUDE: Sunday, secret, wallpaper, swap, sister, curiosity, island, notebook, marathon, demand

When I was born, we became sisters. You were you and I was me.

We walked this earth together hand in hand and the same time. That all changed yesterday on the island. We were driving along and at the same time, two cars hit us. At the same time; one on one side, the other on the other side. From that moment you became me and I became you. Together.

We arrive home though dad thinks he is only picking one of us up. No one could possibly understand so we keep our secret. He asks where I am and you respond, you don’t know. A mystery the family will ponder.

We walk this earth together but never at the same time. Once we were always seen together, now the world sees only you or me, not us.

Mother’s curiosity is killing her because we come over on Sundays, together, to help her around the house. Only I arrive to help put up wallpaper in her bedroom, you are there though she can’t see you. She demands to know where you are. I can not say. The family would not understand.

Years pass by. I have kept a notebook on all the memories of us together and those as one. One day, I might share this with the family but until that day it’s our own little world. We are old. Our parents are older. Dad asks for you to come over and sit with him. It may be one of his last days. Together on the sofa, the two of you sit. He is sad because he wanted both of us to come. He turns on the television and with him, you watch a marathon of the Twilight Zone.

After a few episodes, he reaches for the Waterford candlestick holder next to him and slams it into the side of your head. I feel it. You really feel it. Our bodies swap a few times, both looking for escape. He hits you again. You. Me. You. Me.

The moment finally arrives were we are no longer one. He takes his last breath, “My babies.” He can now rest since you are you, and I am finally me.

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