No Dogs Allowed (Wilbur & The Time Machine #1)

Wilbur Robinson was from the future. He borrowed his dad’s time machine without permission a few times. The times he took it, only good things had come of it. Once Wilbur could prove his trust, Cornelius, Wilbur’s dad, allowed Wilbur to use the time machine on the weekends to have adventures with his friend, Andrew.

They have known each other since Andrew was born. Because Wilbur was from the future, his age really never changed. The two boys were just about the same age now and Wilbur knew the trips would be even more adventurous now that he did not have to gear them towards a kid. Wilbur was an experienced traveler and felt that he was able to take on more grown-up adventures.

As Wilbur pulled up to the Disney house in California, he blew the horn. BEEP-BEEP. It had been a while since Wilbur had seen Andrew and he was looking forward to having some fun. Daniel, Andrew’s dad, came out and invited Wilbur in. Andrew was getting dressed and would be a moment.

“It’s nice to see you again, Wilbur” Daniel said.

“Well, Mr D. I am glad to be back. After being ground for about a year, it is nice to get out a fly around again.” he responded.

“What got you grounded for a whole year?” Daniel asked, being nosy.

“A little of this and a little of that. But nothing I haven’t learned my lesson on. No need to worry Mr D.” Wilbur assured.

Andrew came running down the stairs, as if he was in a hurry to get on with his day with Wilbur. Wilbur hardly recognized Andrew, he had a growth spurt during the past year. The two ran out the door, jumped into the time machine, and waved good-bye to Andrew’s dad.

“Wow, you’ve grown” Wilbur said.

“I guess. So, where we going this time? I have missed this.” Andrew’s excitement was hard to contain.

“Okay, Okay little one. Where do you wanna go? We can go anywhere you want.” Wilbur replied.

“Uhm. Do you have a random button? We could be spontaneous.”

“Yep. Ok, lets do it.” Wilbur pushed the random button that his dad had just added to the machine, “Hold on, here we go.”

The boys took off in the time machine to somewhere they would have to wait to see. Wilbur stuck in on autopilot and they enjoyed the scenery while they headed to somewhere.

As the time machine descended back to earth, the read out of the dash read 1910. Wilbur was worried they may have gone back a little too far. Andrew noticed Wilbur worried, but did not see the dash board. “What’s up?”

“Well, we went back in time.” Wilbur said with an optimistic tone, “and we are still in the US.”

“So, what’s wrong then?” Andrew asked.

“We went back further than I thought we could. I think we went back to like 1910.” Wilbur moved away from the dash to let Andrew see.

“Oh, crap.” Wilbur turned to look at Andrew, shocked that Andrew had begun to use more forceful words.

“You’ve grown-up a lot since I have been away.” Wilbur noticed.

“Yeah, I have. I’m not the naive kid I was last year. I’ve changed.” he said to Wilbur.

The time machine started to heat up and smoke began to bellow from under the hood. “This is not good.” Wilbur yelled out as the time machine took a nose dive. The boys braced themselves for a crash landing. BAM! The machine hit the grassy area in front of a house. It slid through the grass and stopped abruptly as it hit the pavement of the driveway. The boys did not have seatbeats on. Wilbur’s body was smashed up against the front widow and Andrew was pinned on to his back. Wilbur looked back at Andrew, “You okay?”

His friend pushed himself away, “Yeah. Good thing for unbreakable glass.”

“Totally agree,” Wilbur pushed the eject button and the top came off the machine. The boys got out of vehicle to get their barrings.

As they stood up and stretched out the kinks, they heard barking getting louder and louder. “Oh crap,” Andrew said as he noticed a sign in the yard that said Beware Of Dog. “I think we better hightail it out of here.” Wilbur and Andrew see three or four dogs headed straight for them. They take off and jump over the fence surrounding the house. Just as Wilbur was about to make it over, a mutt looking dog took a bite towards him, missed skin but got his pants and ripped a whole in them.

Andrew, worried about his friend, checked out the damages and tried to make sure Wilbur was not injured. As Andrew put his hand on Wilbur’s behind to see if he was ok, Wilbur jumped away. “I’m okay. Swear”

“Okay,” Andrew shrugged off Wilbur’s uneasiness of his care. The boys stood on the safe side of the fence and watched the male dog and his litter of pups growl and bark. Within a few minutes, another dog came prancing from behind the house. Wilbur noticed the cocker spaniel trotting over to the pack of dogs by the fence. He realized that the dogs were Lady and The Tramp and their puppies. He had remembered the dogs as friendly, so Wilbur thought he could become friends with them and all would be well. “I don’t think you should do that, Wilbur.” Andrew pointed out as Wilbur was about to open the gate to the yard.

“Nonsense,” Wilbur replied. He opened the gate and one of the young pups ran out. Once Tramp realized his son, Scamp, had ran out the gate, he chased after him.

Lady yelled after him, “Don’t like that little devil get away.”

Andrew was amazed to hear Lady speak in word’s that he could understand. “How did she do that?”

Wilbur reminded him, “We are in Walt Disney’s world, anything is possible.” Wilbur had been standing there with the gate opened, not realizing that the other puppies had gotten out too.

“Help me gather up with little rascals, please.” Lady asked the boys.

The puppies turned the corner at the end of the street, as Wilbur and Lewis tailed them. Just as they had turned the corner, they saw one of the pups had been caught by a scottie. “Thanks Jock, for catching her.” Lady said to her old friend. Jock carried the pup in his mouth back to the yard and locked her in.

Wilbur went in the direction of one of the puppies, while Andrew ran towards the other. Lady and Jock went to their friend, Trusty’s house to see if one of the puppies went in that direction.

“Trusty, have you seen any of the girls? They seemed to have gotten out.” Lady said to the bloodhound.

“Nope, but I wouldn’t mind helping you hunt them down.”

Jock rolled his eyes, as he knew that Trusty couldn’t track down a skunk that left a trail of crumbs, but they did not want to hurt his feelings. The dogs went in the direction of Wilbur, who had followed his nose to the scent of spaghetti. The dogs found Wilbur staring into Tony’s Italian restaurant from the window. “Is one of them inside?” Lady said to Wilbur thinking that one of the girls had ran inside.

“Nope, but that sure looks good.” Wilbur replied.

Jock bit Wilbur’s pant leg and yanked on it to get Wilbur to focus on finding the girls. As they searched down the streets, Jock overheard some noises coming from down one of the alleys. They headed towards the alley, to find two mean looking dogs pushing one of Lady’s girls into a corner, ready to attack. Wilbur yells out, “Hey!”

The dogs turn to look at where the voice came from. One of the dogs slowly turned towards them and began to stalk them as if they were pray themselves. The other dog guarded Lady’s little princess from running away. She tried to when she saw her mommy, but the vicious villain grabbed her with his teeth. She hung in his jaws of death. Lady yelped in fear, thinking that her pup was going to eaten.

Jock, Trusty and Lady felt helpless. If they ran, they knew that the evil that was headed towards them would chase them and they could all be dinner. They hid behind Wilbur, who was trying to be courageous. He found a large wooden piece of fence on the ground and picked it up, He was ready to use it as a bat as the very hungry German shepherd closed in on them. The dogs mouth opened ready to attack Wilbur, drool was foaming as it’s snarled at them. Holding off as long as he could, Wilbur lunged towards the dog with the piece wood and swung it as hard as he could at the shepherd. The dog squeeled in pain as it hit the wall. It got up to attack again, but Wilbur knocked it down again with a swift swing of the wood. The attacker yelped in pain and ran off.

The other dog dropped Lady’s baby and took a shot at taking down Wilbur and his dog friends. Wilbur lifted up the wood, ready to defend himself. That scared the dog and it took off in the same direction as his hurt friend. Wilbur felt relieved that he did not have to hurt another dog. Lady’s pup ran to her mommy. Lady checked her out to see if she was injured.

After dropping off the little girl, the dogs and Wilbur took off to hunt down Andrew, Tramp and the other two puppies that disappeared. They headed towards the zoo. They were stopped by the zoo guard as they tried to enter, “No Dogs Allowed”, the zoo policeman said.

“We are looking for my friend and a dog that might have come this way,” Wilbur said to the policeman.

“They would not have gotten in here, because no dogs are allowed in the zoo.”

“I get that. But I think the dog wandered inside.” Wilbur continued.

“Nope. I would know if a dog got inside. And they wouldn’t.” the policeman confirmed.

“Come on Wilbur, I have another idea.” Jock said pulling on Wilbur’s pant leg again.

As they turned and rounded the corner, Trusty started laughing. They looked down the street and saw Andrew chasing one of the other puppies in a circle, as if they were both chasing each others tail. They all started to laugh. Lady called out, “Come here baby.”

The little pup stopped and ran to her mommy. Andrew stopped to regain his balance, “Thanks. I was getting dizzy.”

“No prob” Wilbur said as he patted his friend on the back. They sat on the sidewalk ledge to catch their breaths and to discuss finding Tramp and Scamp. “Do you know where Scamp would have ran to?” Wilbur asked Lady and her friends.

“Most likely he went to his friends house. Tramp is probably with him by now.” Lady said.

The group headed towards a not so savory neighborhood, Wilbur and Andrew seemed to get a little afraid thinking they may be in even more danger because of the area. “Are you sure this is the way?” Andrew said.

“Yes, just up the road is Pedro’s house.” Lady said to the boys who were lagging behind from their fear. The group arrived at a run down house, that looked like it had not had any care for a while. Wilbur hopped the fence to take a closer look before letting the dogs get close to the house that looked like it would fall if you sneezed. In the window, Wilbur saw 8 dogs sitting at a table in the middle of the room. One of which was Tramp and another was Scamp. Wilbur waved them in after seeing Tramp inside. Lady jumped up trying to look in to the window to see what was going on.

Wilbur picked her up so she could look in. Outraged, Lady leaped from Wilbur’s arms and barged into the house, “Tramp, how many times have I told you that I don’t want Scamp gambling.”

Tramp’s tail dropped between his legs, “Uhm, once or twice?” he questioned.

“No, like 30 or more.” she replied.

“Oye Senora. Ju need to let the dogs play. They do good and make lots of dinero” said the chihuahua wearing a visor and smoking a cigar. All the dogs, except Scamp, had cigars. Lady looked around at all the of Tramp’s friends, who were begging her to let them stay and play. Toughy, Bull, Boris, Bull, and Dachsie were there at Pedro’s house and were not causing much trouble.

“It’s just us boys playing cards.” Bull said in his deep voice.

Just as Lady was about to let Tramp stay, out came Peg from the other room. “Ok boys, who wants some of this?” Peg walked in the room, shaking her bushy tail at the other dogs. Wilbur saw the hatred in Lady’s eyes as Pegy walked in the room.

Pedro showed his excitement as Peg walked past him, “Ay Ay Ay Mamacita. Come to Papi” The other dogs start to whistle at her, which made Lady very upset and jealous.

“Tramp, now!” she said raising her voice.

Tramp and Scamp excuse themselves from the poker game. Peg sat in Scamp’s place after Tramp left with Lady and the gang.

After Wilbur and Andrew rounded up Tramp and Scamp, they all headed back to the Dear house to get all dogs back into the yard. Wilbur would have to get the time machine working before they could head home. Wilbur did not want to bring Andrew back too late.

Back at the house, Jim Dear was on the porch of the house as they walked up. He sees two strange kids walking up with his dogs. He also sees the mess of his yard that Wilbur’s time machine created. “Excuse me, can you explain all of this?” he asked to the boys.

“Well sir, my time machine crashed in your yard…” Wilbur began before he was interrupted by Andrew.

“My friend was saying… our toy here got out of control and we accidentally let the dogs loose while trying to get it.”

“Well, get it out of here before I call your parents.” Jim Dear replied as he checked to see if all the dogs were accounted for. After making sure the dogs were alright, Jim Dear went inside to let the boys remove their toy from his yard.

Wilbur tried to start the machine, but would not turn over. Tramp ran to the garage and came back with Jim Dear’s tool belt. “Thanks Tramp”, Wilbur patted Tramp on the head. After a few clicks and clanks under the hood, Wilbur yelled towards Andrew, who was in the time machine, “Starter up!”

The time machine started right up. Wilbur dusted himself off and applauded himself for fixing the machine. “I see you’ve become a mechanic.” Andrew observed.

“A scientist, just like my dad.” Wilbur corrected.

“You fixed a vehicle. That’s a mechanic if I ever saw one.” Andrew laughed.

“What ever. You just want me to be a mechanic deep down inside.” Wilbur joked.

Andrew smiled behind Wilbur’s back, as Wilbur jumped in and set the course for Andrew’s present time.

The boys said good-bye to their new furry friends as Lady thanked them for helping find her kids. The all waved at each other as the time machine headed towards home and the end of their adventure.

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