Patricia Manterola in Dallas – ARCHIVE FROM 2002

Going through my archives from previous websites and fan clubs, I located an article that I wrote about my experience with Patricia Manterola, when she visited Dallas, TX on a promotional tour for the release of Que El Ritmo No Pare. I no longer have the photos from that weekend, which is a shame.

My friend, Janie and I left early Sunday morning for Dallas, which was four hours from Houston. We arrived in Dallas around 12:30 pm. Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet Patty until Monday at 3pm. Since we had time to kill, we drove around to locate her hotel and search for a less expensive one close by.

We found a hotel that was less than 5 minutes from where Patty was going to stay then we drove around looking for music stores and other interesting places. When Monday arrived, we got to the hotel a little before 3pm for her interviews. We met Alex, the label manager for BMG, and Walter, the mid-region direct for BMG.

Alex called Patty, who was up in her room, and let her know that we arrived. She came downstairs to the press hall and we were able to sit with her before the interviews started. This gave me time to catch up with Patty, since it had been almost 10 years since we had seen each other. She told us about her new album and her plans for the promotional tours.

Out of respect for the interviewers, we did not take photos during the interviews. We took photos before and after. It was quite funny because during the interviews, Patty introduced me to everyone and told them about our history and many times she stated that I knew more about her than she did and that they should be interviewing me, instead. She also told them about my website.

The interviews finished around 6pm. Alex and Walter decided they were going to go out and wonder if Patty wanted to go with them. That was when Patty asked us if we wanted to go to dinner with her. Of course we said yes. We left Alex and Walter and went off on our own.

We drove to the mall and sat in the parking lot, inside my car for about an hour before going inside. She wanted to play the album for us. It still had not been released but she had a promotional copy with her. We listened to the entire album in the mall parking lot.

I have to say, the album is amazing. Because it has the five different producers, there are so many different musical styles. Their are upbeat dance tracks and the ballads are great for singing in the car. We know this because Patty gave us our own little private concert from the front seat of my car.

After the album listening party, we went inside the mall through Macy’s. Patty found a belt that had the words, DIVA, spelled out in rhinestones. Of course she bought it. When she had her wallet out, I took asked to see her driver’s license. Hell, why not. Her photo was so cute and she is an organ donor. Good to know.

The Mall had an ice skating rink in it and Patty decided she wanted to go skating even though she had never done it. Janie declined. So did I. Patty couldn’t go because they had a class at that moment, so we went to eat instead.

During dinner, Patty spoke to us about her appearance on the television show, Arli$$ where she played a lesbian, amongst her other various films and experiences on the set. After dinner, she wanted to show us the video for her first single, “Que El Ritmo No Pare,” which she had on VHS. We had to find a VCR to watch it and the hotel did not have one.

Where to find a VCR? Let’s try an electronics store. We drove to Best Buy, which was about to close. We located a display unit and Patty shoved in her VHS tape. We had the world premier of the video to Que El Ritmo No Pare at Best Buy in Dallas. She insisted it was the world premier since it wasn’t going to air for at least a few more weeks.

A couple of employees hung out with us while watching the video. We headed back to the hotel after the store closed. We headed up to her hotel room and got on the internet so she could say hello to her fans. It took a while because she could not remember her password, which is saved on her laptop at home. We finally log on under my name and get to say hello to the fans on the chatroom on my website.

The next morning, Patty had radio interviews. We met early at the hotel and caravaned behind Alex and Walter to the radio station. We were lucky enough to be able to be in the studio with her during the interview. Afterward, we said goodbye. Patty was heading to the airport and we had a four hour drive home.

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