Interview with Patricia Manterola from 2002

Recently, I have been going through my archives and locating articles and interviews I had with various celebrities over the years. In 2002, I was the president of the Patricia Manterola official fan club and during that time, one of my staff members interviewed Patty. Here is the interview from 2002 that was originally published on the former site:

Mike: Patty, first of all welcome to your official fan club and thank you for making a space on your busy schedule to grant me this interview…

Patricia: for you guys there is always a space and one great one in my heart!!!

Mike: Friend, I would like to begin asking you about your family, like your fan that I am, I know that for you they are very important, right?

Patricia: yes family regardless of what happens, are the ones that are always there when you need support, love, advice, etc… for me the family unity is one of the most beautiful values that a human being can have

Mike: How important is to you to have a family as united as the yours?

Patricia: well right now, my new family is called Javier and in the future if God blesses us with children, I hope to share with them all the values that my parents have taught me, like honest work, respect for any human being, loyalty, goodness, and fight for your dreams, etc…

Mike: Your father Jorge, as well as your mother, Dolores, supported you since you were little to begin in this career???

Patricia: always!!! but also they requested that I continued with my basic studies and with good grades.

Mike: Tell me something that you did during the beginning of your career and that right now you would not do again?

Patricia: mmmmmmmmm I think that I would do EVERYTHING again, because you learn from the good and the bad experiences, and they have help me be who I am today, and I love it!!!

Mike: When you were a teenager, they gave you the opportunity that was the first step to your successful career: being in Garibaldi, what did you have to do to be part of the group and what was your reaction at being chosen?

Patricia: we all did auditions, it was very emotional for me, since in that time Luis de Llano was the most important producer of youth groups and I knew already what it would mean for my career to be part of a group that would have an international release as Garibaldi was.

Mike: Did you have any problems at the beginning connecting with the other 7 members?

Patricia: since the beginning there was a lot of chemistry between us, they would call us the Mueganos, since we were always together for everything, but also because of being together all the time, normally we had some arguments, but thank God it would not last long and everything continued the same

Mike: Now, with which one of them you spend more time?

Patricia: with Sergio and Victor… Javier and I adore Sergio’s baby, and Victor is always takes care of us and we talked a lot on the phone

Mike: Tell us, when was that your husband Javier and you started to like each other and began a relationship?

Patricia: mmmmmmmm this is getting good!!!!, you know with me it was love at first sight!!!! I liked him since I first met him, but both of us were in a relationship in that time, so first we became great friends, and then like 8 months later of knowing each other, we ended up with our relationships and we became a couple on October 21, 1989

Mike: Was it difficult being a couple and working together at the same time?

Patricia: it had a good and a bad side… the good one is that we traveled together and we lived amazing moments together and we got to know each other for real!!!! and the bad one was that at times we saw each other so much that we needed at own space and sometimes it hurts more when you break up with your boyfriend and you have to see him everyday!!!!

Mike: On April 17, 1999, you guys decided to take the next step and got married, a wedding which we all enjoyed, Which moment of your wedding you remember as the most emotional?

Patricia: when we said… I do… it was magical!!!

Mike: Lets go back to your career Patty, what was the most difficult thing for you when you decided to go on your own????

Patricia: I remember the moment of my performance in the Viña del Mar Festival in 95, I was very nervous, since it was the first time that I was performing alone in front of so many people and before an audience so demanding, but thank God it was incredible, and it brought me much secureness for the future

Mike: Is there one project that you always wanted to do but you haven’t yet?

Patricia: I would like to direct, do a musical, and release a clothes line…

Mike: Ok, lets talk about your new baby and a new nephew for us your fans: Que el Ritmo no Pare; in your first album Hambre de Amor your image was sexy ballad pop artist, Niña Bonita was when the sensation were the 70s and each performance was a complete show, also I read that in Quiero Mas you focused on the vocal more, not so much on the choreographs or the show, more on the authentic and romantic, with Que El Ritmo no Pare, what do you want to express?

Patricia: With this album I was able to unite all the facets of my musical career, from my time in Garibaldi and the latin music, from the ballads pop that I so much enjoy, this album is a reflection of what is and was Patricia Manterola, I’m happy because I think that with this album I found what I am, there is an equilibrium of vocal quality, excellent songs, show, choreography, and most of all support from an international company that are giving this project an incredible promotion.

Mike: How far you want to go with this new album?

Patricia: like the Americans say The sky is the limit!!!!

Mike: Do you think is was worth the wait of almost 4 years without recording?

Patricia: the stage I dedicated to my new dreams has been so productive that it has helped me to recharge the batteries and to be going through one of the most happy moments that I have had in my life, so it has been much worth it, because all happens for a reason and now I am happy that this album has arrived in my life and be able to go to countries that I never imagine to go with my music!!!!

Mike: Tell us how do you feel to know that soon you will go to Europe and countries that you have never visited as a singer with this new album??

Patricia: it had to be like that, and I thank God that this is happening when I feel ready to confront it! HAPPYYYYYY, this career with all its facets is my PASSION, so I hope to be all my life in this, of course if you guys let me!!!

Mike: The stage that you dedicated to your new dreams, like you call them, is over???

Patricia: no everyday I have and I set out new goals!!! Is the way I am!!!!

Mike: Your fans in Mexico has been waiting for a long time without seeing you over there, Que el Ritmo no Pare will unite you again with them?

Patricia: I’m going to show this new album with all my love, and I hope they understand that all I have done is to fight for my dreams, I wish they receive it with the same love that I made it with, I can wait to be in Mexico

Mike: Tell us a little about your promotion plan in Mexico, new music company, new album, what are your plans to steal the heart of all the Mexicans again with your music?

Patricia: I still don’t know the company’s plans for promotion, but I requested to do EVERYTHING, the decisions of what television network or what radio stations I go with my music are absolutely theirs, but I tell you that I go with all the desires of presenting this new album

Mike: We know that one Mexican television network is interested in the bonus track Que Mexico no Pare to promote the Mexican team in the World Cup 2002, what can you tell us about that??

Patricia: the rights to my music are property of BMG, so they are the ones that make those type of decisions, base on what they think is better, I’m not exclusive to any television network and I will continue this way.

Mike: I read that you said you are going to Spain to film the video clip of the second single, can you tell us which will be this single?

Patricia: don’t tell anyone…….but it will be………ta ta ta tannnnn: Ojos Negros

Mike: good choice! Thanks for the news!!!

Mike: Is it important for you to be in a popularity list with a single?

Patricia: Is important to be loved by the people!!! and the popularity list are an incentive, but the most important thing is not to make it but to maintain!!! for me the experience of being in first place for 4 weeks with “Quiero” that was my first single of my career, gave me a lot of strength to keep going and keep giving the fans the best of me!!!

Mike: And acting? we saw your debut in Hollywood with “The Champion”, your controversial performance in “Arliss” and other things…do you have any projects in the near future?

Patricia: I will continue acting because is part of my PASSION but for now the album is keeping me completely busy, I have to dedicate it all my energy and time to the release in all the countries that it will be on sale, even if I would want to do any project right now I wouldn’t be able to.

Mike: A little while ago there was a news in a Mexican website of the actresses that have left soap operas, and your name was on that list, Will you do a soap opera in Mexico soon?

Patricia: That was a wonderful time in my career and for now there are no plans to do any soap opera, but if I get a story that I love… will see!!!

Mike: Do you have any peculiar experience with a fan?

Patricia: the one with Jenny, Janie and me in Dallas, going to see the video in Best Buy!!! a great adventure!!!

Mike: Tell us which are your favorite albums of other artists that you have bought? and which one is your favorite?

Patricia: Alexander Pires, I love it!!! Shade, Basia, J.LO, Luis Miguel, Celine Dion, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Britney, Christina Aguilera… and many more, I love to listen to all kinds of music and listen to new proposals!!!

Mike: And finally…. Had any fan interview you before in the Internet?

Patricia: WOW Mike no!!!! And let me tell you that you should think about doing this professionally because it was very interesting!!!

Mike: Patty the staff of PMOFC gives you thanks for this interview and wishes you the best of luck in whatever comes next.


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