Interview with Carman Licciardello from 2002

Going back through the archives of life and my fan club days, I came across an interview from 2002 that we gave Carman Licciardello about his work with Patricia Manterola. This interview was originally published on my website when it existed. I thought I would take a moment to post the interview from the past.

Wow! To our surprise, Carman Licciardello (better known to us as Carman The Champion) visited our chat room and gave us the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the filming of the movie “The Champion”, which Patty starred in. Thank you to Carman for visiting us and being kind enough to drill you on your experiences with Patty.

At first Carman asked us the questions:

[CARMAN] Is Patricia on tour now?

PMFANS> yes… not for full concerts. just for promotion. She is in Mexico City right now performing at the EXA concert

[CARMAN] Any more movies in the works?

PMFANS> at this time no… She is concentrating on her music at this time

[CARMAN] She is a great actress… Very sweet girl. Paty was so special. She was great to work with.

[CARMAN] I heard she went through some tough personal times, true?

PMFANS> Actually no… It was a rumor. They were saying the Patty and Javier were getting a divorce but not true. They are more in love than ever

[CARMAN] Please tell her that I was asking about her.

And now our turn…

PMFANS> Tell us a little about the premiere of the movie… We saw it on cable.

[CARMAN] It was fun… Paty stole the show… of course! She is such a good acrtress… I thought she would be doing more acting now.

PMFANS> Yeah… We wish she would to… but she loves the stage and the music… I thi,k she should do theater… broadway

[CARMAN] I understand… I come from the same background. Music careers are very seasonal. She is hitting it while it’s hot.

PMFANS> Did they ever make a soundtrack to the movie “The Champion” – the songs from the movie was great?

[CARMAN] No… It was a low budget mess… A lot of inexperience. I sang that song… It’s on my record. It’s called “Faith Enough”. It’s in most stores or my website for sure.

PMFANS> How much money the movie took in?

[CARMAN] We are still trying to find that out. The lawyers are working overtime.

PMFANS> Did you pick Patty or did she audition?

[CARMAN] I wrote the movie. When I wrote it, I had in mind this person to play Alleia. A real beauty. But Alleia was a fictitious character… Only exsisting in my imagination. Alleia was every man’s fantasy woman. We worried about how we would find someone to play this role. Paty auditioned first… and after she left, I fell on the floor. She “was” Alleia. No more auditions needed. Plus she was so good at the part. I was nervous. I told her after we were filming, I didn’t think an Alleia really exsisted until I met her.

PMFANS> What was your favorite scene with Patty?

[CARMAN] My favorite scene was when we were in the ring together boxing. We got to improvise a lot… She can hit too. But I couldn’t even pretend to hit her, even though she was smacking me around.

PMFANS> Knowing that she “was” your Alleia… was it hard to not feel something for her personally?

[CARMAN] Very hard. It took all my christianity plus some real good acting to stay sane.

PMFANS> Was she alone on the set most of the time, or was her family with her?

[CARMAN] Her dad came by a couple of times and so did her husband. Mostly she was she was there by herself.

PMFANS> What was the funniest thing that happened on the set?

[CARMAN] Her husband came to watch us filem the wedding scene. It was strange. When she looked at me real close… I forgot everything, even my name and my lines. Then we had to do one scene whee I asked her to get married. I didn’t write this scene, the director did. I was supposed to hand her a note asking her… So dumb! I went to her and asked her how to make this thing look real. She just said “Leave it to me”, so I handed her the note, like the script said and she put on this performance that had me wondering what was really in the note. It was nothing. She knew it was up to her to make it look real and believable and she did. It saved my neck. Very believable. But it was all her acting that did it.

PMFANS> If you could go back and change one thing, what would you change?

[CARMAN] I wish I could have gotten there before Javier. I would have married her within the hour. No questions. My mother keeps asking me if I’ve met anybody like her yet… Everyday.

PMFANS> Have you?

[CARMAN] There is only one Paty.

PMFANS> what was the first thing that you noticed about Patty?

[CARMAN] She was very real. Not a Diva at all… Unless she needed to be… but she was just your basic everyday Goddess.

That is correct… Carman summed up in one sentence exactly what Patty truly is “your basic everyday Goddess”… It was truly an honor to get to speak with Carman and find out what it was like working with Patty.

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