Book 8: Confederates In The Attic by Tony Horwitz

My pick for my 8th book of the year would need to be something found in the library system in the 900s. When researching this, I saw many books that were biographies so I originally decided on Jim Henson’s memoir. I switched it when I got my book on The Brady Bunch. Then I found out that technically they fell in the 700s. 900s were more historical. I found a new book that had just been released 1774, which was about the Boston Tea Party. When I went to purchase it, it was way too many pages and wasn’t discounted enough at my second-hand store. To the historical section I went and I immediately found myself drawn to the Civil War era.

Without looking at the book’s description, the cover art grabbed my attention. I checked the Dewey Decimal number and it was in the 900s so I purchased it.

Confederates In The Attic takes you on a journey with the author Tony Horwitz, as he tours the south and tries to understand the modern day’s obsession with this war. Visit battlegrounds, museums, and other locations along the way, Tony talks to Neo-Confederates, Klansmen, locals, and even more recent Civil rights locations such as Selma, where Rosa Parks took a stand. Each location and person he visits has a different opinion about the war and what it stood for.

While it takes a bit to keep me interested, I was. I have my own fascination with the Civil War and history but it isn’t about north or south, Union or Rebel. I think it is more because of how close it was to our society. In my own ancestry, my grandfather’s grandpa was a civilian killed during the war. It seems close when you can place your own family members in the midst of it. Unlike the Boston Tea Party, which I don’t know connect the dots that far back.

While it took a long time to read, getting caught in Valentine’s rush of work, I finally got finished and I glad I did. The end of the book was far more entertaining than the beginning, but it’s all educational.

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