The next prompt for my 52 Book challenge was a hard one for me. A character with the same name as a male family member. It is hard because how do you know if a character has the same name as a family member until you read it? Ultimately, I asked my book club for a recommendation using: Wallace, Wally, Bill, Billy, William, Allen, Charles, Chuck, or Guillermo. I come from a family women. I was given Catch-22 with a character by the name of Chuck. When I sat down last weekend to start the book, I skimmed it and did not see the name Chuck at all. I decided against that book and hunted through my collection for another book I could move around.

The Way We All Became The Brady Bunch by Kimberly Potts was purchased before I decided on attempting this challenge and it has jumped around into many different spots on my list without really finding a true home for this book. It wasn’t the book I first pulled out, but the second one.

  • Greg / Barry – NO
  • Chris / Peter – NO
  • Mike / Bobby – NO
  • Sherwood – NO
  • Mike / Robert – Hmmmm… Robert? I have an Uncle Bob. Robert. Oh wait… Bobby too. Whoa. This will work.

Robert Reed played a huge part in the Brady Bunch and in all discussions of the 60s-70s sitcom, his consistent complaining has always been a source for topic, especially here where he gets an entire chapter dedicated to his hatred and love for the show.

Potts didn’t come off in this book as an expert in the behind-the-scenes hijinks and shenanigans for the cast members. That was left to Barry Williams’ memoir Growing Up Brady.  Instead, she explores the fandom of Brady and how fans have embraced the show and cast members, as well as the impact that the show had on pop culture and television through the years.

As a fan of the show and being part of the fandom, this book is a lot of fun. It has also got me thinking about the concept of documenting as part of becoming a historian of some sorts; something I seriously want to do with any one of my loves. I guess this is sorta by blog at the moment. Documenting music, movies, books, etc… Or at least what I think about them.

STARTED: January 17, 2021
FINISHED: January 23, 2021