Book 4: Disclosure by Michael Crichton

Another book down for 2021. Originally, I had moved To Kill A Mockingbird to the prompt “Author that is deceased” because of Harper Lee being deceased when I changed my 1st book to Harry Potter. On my kindle, I had Michael Crichton’s Scratch One that moved into this spot but after finding this book on the discount rack, I exchanged books. Disclosure became book #4.

Many people, like myself, think of Disclosure as the movie about sexual harassment starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore. I sure did. The entire time I pictured the two of them as I read. This is probably the 5th or 6th book of Crichton that I have read and honestly, there has been a bad one in the bunch.

I think a few years ago, I had this book in my “to-read pile” and had even started it, but maybe it was about right place, right time, in order to enjoy such a book. Crichton has always been the technical guy for me as he talks in detail about scientific stats and figures but with this book, everything is very straight forward. It takes place in a internet-tech firm during the early start-up periods. Maybe because we all know about CD-ROMs and the internet, it did not feel overwhelming, but it didn’t focus on this.

This story is a people story. It is about two people who are out to get each other in the world of business. Simple as that.

STARTED: January 11, 2021
FINISHED: January 14, 2021

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