Book 3: Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton

On to my 3rd book of the year. A Dual Timeline is the prompt and originally, I wanted to use Stephen King’s 11/22/63 but that fit better as a prompt later down the line. Kate Morton’s Clockmaker’s Daughter entered my want to read list sometime last year when it was recommended to me by a friend on Facebook. She loves Kate Morton.

A dual timeline means that the story does not follow a start to finish pattern, but it is not necessarily flashbacks either. This book is like a puzzle of sorts, jumping from the present time to another era with another narrator. Each jump in time was another piece of a big puzzle that various different characters held pieces.

Ultimately, I liked the story but did not love it. It was way too long and many times the pieces are being told over again just by different characters and dates. Would I give Kate Morton another shot? Probably not. This is the one story that looked promising to the type of book I would enjoy, but it failed to keep me wanting to turn the page. I turned it out of necessity to finish the book.

STARTED: 1/6/21
FINISHED: 1/11/21

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