Let the challenge begin… I had already started reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” just before challenge officially started and I was going to use that book as the first prompt: SET IN A SCHOOL.

Both Scout and Jem were in school and quite a bit of the story takes place in school… but a few people in the Facebook group denied this book because “not enough” took place in a school. While the challenge is not to be LITERAL by any means, and can be interpreted in many ways, I agreed that the book would fit better on another prompt. So, I stopped reading that and took up “Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets”


I read book 1 many years ago and said to myself that eventually, I would finish them all. In due time. Guess what? Book 2 of Harry Potter really does take place in the school. So why not give that a go.

There is not much to say about the Harry Potter books that hasn’t been said before. I liked that the book could stand alone without reading the first book. It does help, but in the first chapter and throughout, the author refers back with retrospect on the events of the first book, so you lose nothing by starting here.

START DATE: January 1
END DATE: January 3