Fandango – “Que No Acabe Navidad” Single

Today, the reunion version of the female pop group, Fandango, released a holiday single. While die-hard fans wanted to see the group record a new and updated version of their own song, “Dime Nino, De  Quien Eres,” the girls settled on a cover of Timbiriche’s 1983 classic Christmas song, “Que No Acabe Navidad.”

The girls did an awesome job with song and the music is very festive. Lots of extra jingle bells can be heard in the background making the music extra festive.

During the verses, Sandra, Alexa, Rocio, and Anabella, each had solo parts though there seemed to be help with background vocals during those solos. It is nice to hear each one of the girls singing and we can finally hear that they sound like as mature women instead of teenage girls.

While Fandango seemed to keep the lyrics the same as the original, I felt it might have been nice to modernize it with updated lyrics. It seems a little odd to have mature women repeating the lines of 12 year old, Benny Ibarra stating he wanted a space monster for Christmas. What if the members like Sandra wanted a diamond bracelet, and Alexa wanted two? It might have been cool and fun to see how the producer of the song could have changed the lyrics to represent each of the members as they are now.

Over all, the song is fun. As a Timbiriche fan, I was quite excited to see Fandango remaking a song from another group, especially one I love so much.

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