Garibaldi – Que Te La Pongo (1990)

When I saw Garibaldi for the first time, they were promoting the first single from this album “Garilambada.” I do not remember ever seeing the group when they promoted their first self-titled album. I probably saw them in their mariachi wear and didn’t even notice them or the woman, who would be my obsession for the next decade or so.

Garibaldi will never truly fall within one category of music and how they fell into pop, I don’t know. When the group released their second album, they changed their traditional Mexican dress to a more provocative mix of island wear and modernized Mexican accents. It is truly hard to describe the group. It was at this point that my world and love would change from Fandango to Garibaldi. The group was on television and my eyes fixated on Patricia Manterola. WOW. I fell hard for this girl.

After the short promotion of the Garilambada, the group released two singles that would become their entire purpose in the music world. QUE TE LA PONGO and BANANA and my world would never be the same. I don’t know if I fell in love with the group because of the members or for the music. Probably the members but I love myself some Garibaldi, even the eight-minute medleys.

Garibaldi became known for their mixes. With the album, Que Te La Pongo, there is a mix of lambada style music, Cha-Cha music, tropical music, and mambo music. Of the seven songs that make up the complete album, three of the four songs were not mixes. At the time this album came out, there was a little controversy over if the members actually sang the sounds or did they use studio singers.

While it is hard to imagine each of those members singing in such harmony to create such a perfect blend of vocals, if you listen to the album and the history of the group, you can hear the members. While not hearing all of them, I can pull out Sergio, Victor, Xavier, Patty, and Luisa. There is no doubt that they sung their own songs.

This album was the start of a love affair with Patricia Manterola and years of dedication to her career. During my obsession with her, I found that each of the Garibaldi members was so important to me and loved them. I felt like I had a personal connection with each of the members. It wasn’t until the end of the promotion of this album did I finally meet each of the members and developed friendships with many of them, including Patricia Manterola.

Que Te La Pongo helped me appreciate traditional Mexican music as well as classic musical sounds. They exposed me to music outside of my pop and rock music genre that has helped me become more musically knowledgeable. And hello… This is where “Que Te La Pongo” is…

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