Fandango – “Hola Que Tal (Reconexion)”

This morning, the girls of the reunion of Fandango released a brand new single and it is available on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. I knew the single came out today, so on my ride to work I hit the play button and turned up the volume.

Alexa, Anabella, Sandra, and Rocio are the official members of the reunion of the group and working hard to grace the stage and radios of the loyal fans that have been around for years while the members led normal lives outside of the spotlight. While the group only had 5 albums in a short amount of time, the Fandango Generation has remained loyal to the band.

A few years ago, all of the members of the group got together for a night of memories and reunions. That sparked a desire to bring Fandango back by a few of the members. Originally, Liliana and Marlene (Lore) were to be part of the reunion and help initially with a few shows and performances and the recording of a new version of “Autos, Moda, Y Rock and Roll.” That participation didn’t last long for one reason or another.

This did not stop the four remaining and most invested members of the reunion. Today, we got to hear what that sounds like.

The new “reconexion” version of “Hola, Que Tal” tends to show things down a bit compared to its original version, and its a sound that helps Fandango’s image of a more mature version of the group. This slow down definitely helped us non-Spanish speaker really understand the words. The members dictation gave us solid definition of the lyrics.

Vocally, the members of the group sound like they are all singing at the same vocal range and octave. The plus side to that is that the song sounds smooth; the down side is that it sounded flat. My wife and I discussed this as we listened. Not sure if the classifications of sopranos and altos were taken into account or if the producer of the music wanted that sound. Either way, I felt that the vocals felt one dimensional where the original had a balance of higher voices mixed with lower vocal ranges. The diversity of each member’s vocal talents should have been showcased.

With all of that said, I was impressed on how professional the song sounded. The music production was incredible and they sampled many of the “special effects” from the original keeping that familiarity for the fans. It’s great to see and hear the girls (women) again as a team. Fandango is a big part of my life as it is many and to have them bring new music to us is something that we will treasure. Its great that Fandango fans have something to look forward to musically.

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