The Incredible Journey (1963)

Similar to the more popular, Homeward Bound (1993), The Incredible Journey is the tale of two dogs and a cat that travel over 200 miles in order to reunite with their family.

The story reads like one of Disney’s real-life adventures that they created years ago when they were into documentaries. Rex Allen narrates the journey like it is a documentary, talking about their journey and why the animals did what they did. Mixed with actors and actresses in human roles, the animals are the star of the show. Disney’s 1993 animated version used actors as voices to the animals took away from the need for the narration. Since Disney used live animals, they had to rely on narration to tell the story.

The animals consisted of a Labrador Retriever, who was considered to be the young adventurous one; an English Bull Terrier, an old male dog who was actually played by a female dog; and a Siamese cat. They got into trouble alone and together, but throughout the film, it showed a bound of love and friendship between these animals.

Less humor than the 1993 counterpart, but still a wonderful story told by Disney.

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