La Casa Azul – “Tan Simple Como el Amor” (2003)

Three years after the release of La Casa Azul’s debut album, El Sonido Efervescente de la Casa Azul, a sophomore album is released and we are left to wonder even more about who is this band and who are these people on the cover.

With the promotion of the first album, all of La Casa Azul’s music videos are cartoons. With the release of the new album, Tan Simple Como el Amor, brainchild of the band, Guille Milkyway finds five people represent the band in promotional photos and videos. These two girls and three guys become La Casa Azul. Like the Partridge Family, these members take to the instruments and pretend to play the music created by Guille.

While we might think this is a Milli Vanilli happening right in front of us, Guille makes no qualms about telling the world that those people are just “androids” playing a part in a bigger picture of his vision. David, Virginia, Sergio, Clara, and Óscar play roles like puppets with Guille Milkyway being the great Oz.

As with the album cover and promotional videos, everything revolves around a time period that I am feeling around the 70’s. Guille is still providing us with that sunshine pop music that you might hear from The Beach Boys, but there are hints of disco, electronica, and 70’s J-Pop still. The song “Cambia Tu Vida” reminds me of something you would hear The Brady Bunch sing. For an album released in 2003, I feel taken back to the era of bell-bottoms and black and white cartoons. I’m seriously on a time warp.

With this album on 8 hours of repeat, I am amazed that I am not pulling my hair out. It’s damn entertaining to hear. I am so oddly addicted to the music of La Casa Azul that I am seriously looking forward to what’s next.

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