Paulina Rubio – “Si Supieran” single

Paulina took to social media just days after it had been rumored that Universal Music dropped the artist. She announced that she would be releasing a new song, “Si Supieran” After the release of the album, Deseoit was easy to see that Paulina could release her own music without the help of a label. While that might not get you airplay on the radio, what really counts is sales.

The artist has gone on record to say that she feels that she is now her own boss. There is a sense of freedom that she has been able to release her own music without the approval of the management.

This track isn’t anything new. Paulina Rubio is continuing her play with Urban beats with the help of music producer, Jesus “DalePlay” Herrera, a DJ that has worked with Maluma, Jennifer Lopez, and Thalia on previous albums.

It has been stated that Paulina wrote the lyrics for this song as a way to talk about the negative exposure of her personal life over the divorce of her husband and the break-up with her boyfriend, a contestant she met while hosting the television show, La Voz. While it may not be all Urban music, but this music just seems to bring out the bad sides of people. And if this is truly the case, bad on Paulina for lowering herself to this level.

Musically, its not bad but it’s not anything I am gonna put on my daily playlist. Paulina has so many better songs for my ears.

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