Paulina Rubio and Raymix – “Tu Y Yo” Single

Electronic Cumbia artist, Raymix teams up with Paulina Rubio for a new song that dropped this month on streaming services. The song, Tu Y Yo is credited to Raymix as the main artist and the song is being released under Fonovisa, where Raymix is signed.

This is definitely nothing that should be on this website, but since we were working through Paulina Rubio’s discography this weekend, I decided to add this song to the site to finish up to her current music release.

Paulina Rubio has said that she now that she is an independent artist, that she will be exploring more genres. I foresee that we are going to be getting a lot more of Paulina stepping outside her pop genre to participate with other artists, such as Raymix and his electric-cumbia jams. What happens to Paulina on this site? The same as artists like Lucero who have embraced rancheros. We will only be reviewing and announcing music that falls in the pop genre. I won’t be compromising my website space for artists that don’t fall into pop.

We do not follow urban artists like Maluma that may have Top 40 hits, but Top 40 is no longer pop. So… Thanks Paulina, but we will pass on this song.

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