Paulina Rubio – “De Qué Sirve” single

After the urban infused single, “Si Supieran“, Paulina released another single just three months after being dropped from her record label. Paulina Rubio is wasting no time in providing new music for her fans as an indie artist.

With the song, “De Qué Sirve” Paulina embraces her Mexican roots with a track that uses the mariachi horns and acoustic guitars for a sound similar to her song, “El Ultimo Adios.” The song is a beautiful ballad that shows fans that she could possibly have a strong album if she ever wanted to do a tribute to the mariachi and boleros of yesterday.

I think that music is a universal language. All artists should think that there are no genres, that music is infinite and that mixes are part of the generation or degeneration of the human being.” – Paulina Rubio.

Paulina has gone on record to state that because the world is streaming, she plans on releasing new music every few months as part of her new liberated freedom with her music.

If Paulina is working around the idea of not picking a genre, she may gain a few fans but she may also lose some of those who love her pop music. There has to be an equal balance in order for fans or even music critics to keep listening. Here’s the deal, if Paulina jumped all over the board with mariachi music one time, island music the next, back to urban. Pop fans will move on thinking she spending too much time away from the music they love. I know I would.

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