Paulina Rubio – “Deseo” (2018)

7 years have passed since fans received a full-length album from Paulina Rubio. The previous album, Brava was a financial flop for the record label and the music industry was in some serious flux as they didn’t know how to bring in the cash with this digital world.

Over the next five years, the music labels began to understand that fans will buy what they like and not spend the money on tracks that they will delete. The ability to sample music and stream favorite songs has given music fans a way to be picky about the music they want to listen to daily. During this absence, artists were not sitting at home waiting for release dates. When music is ready, it is too easy for artists and labels to drop music with little work.

In 2015 (3 years before the release of this album) Paulina released a single as a duet with the band, Morat. “Mi Nuevo Vicio” was an immediate success because the band Morat knows how to write a pop song. The song appeared on the band’s full-length album with and without Paulina’s participation. In 2016, Paulina released the song, “Si Te Vas” then reissued the song as a reggaeton duet with Alexis & Fido. Later that year, Paulina released “Me Quemo” as a digital single.

Then to prepare for the release of the actual album, Paulina drops two more tracks in 2018. “Me Tienes Loquita” and “Suave Y Sutil” both are released before the album. This gave Paulina six songs for an album. At this point, if you have all of the singles, you will go ahead and either buy the rest of the album or listen to it when it hits the streaming services. You again, just download what you like and leave the rest. People now are not completists.

What happens is that with each release, the artists like Paulina are getting write-ups in online magazines, giving them more exposure. This becomes better for the artist because they stay relevant in the media more often. It has helped Paulina a lot because seven years between albums is a long time to be sitting here doing nothing. Artists no longer have to sit around.

The release of Deseo isn’t highly anticipated any longer because we’ve heard most everything. Paulina explores everything from pop to urban music, but she saves the best for last. “Ya No Me Engañas” is the last single from the album and it is classic Paulina. It is good to see that the Paulina we loved from the last decade is still there somewhere between the crap of Urban music that is being shoved down our throats.

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