Paulina Rubio – “Ananda” (2006)

At some point, there needs to be a slow down of music. After the release of Pau-Latina, Paulina Rubio went right out and released her new album, Ananda just a little over two years later.

With this album, Paulina takes more opportunities to become a songwriter with the help of friends, Coti. Even Julieta Venegas had her hand in this album too. The writing of the music is a lot more balanced and toned-down. There aren’t as many tracks that fall in the genre of dance-pop as seen in her previous albums. But what is happening is a decline in sales. With each album Paulina releases, the sales continue to drop. There are a lot of reasons that were are going to start seeing this.

The music industry is changing. As we see the music fans buying less physical media in exchange for digital files, album sales are declining but singles are producing more music. Paulina went from $3Million says, to $1 Million, to $600K with Ananda, but it isn’t lack of trying.

As I sit and listen to Ananda for this review, I love so many of the tracks from this album. It’s a great album, but it isn’t going to cut it when people are starting to NOT buy albums. $200K of the $600K were in digital sales just in Mexico. Paulina Rubio has a solid fan base that will buy anything, but for the majority of music fans, they are not purchasing albums anymore.

Ananda has some really great nuggets of music on this album, but they are not all winners. Its been a while since Paulina has given fans a full album of solid tracks. You can find some really excellent tracks here. Give it a listen.

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