Apple’s Weekly Selection: 3/27/20

Apple Music’s new music Friday has a new selection of music for me and my listening pleasure. Here is what was recommended to me this week and my opinions of Apple’s suggestions.

  • Natalia Jimenez – El Lado Izquierdo De La Cama: Natalia has been in my list since she left La Quinta Estacion. Not a favorite but there are a few good tracks, this one is a bit boring for me. I did not download it.
  • The Dollyrots – Make Me Hot: Not Latin pop, but my wife loves this band which is why it was recommended for me since we are on a family plan.
  • Ednita Nazario – No Vuelvas: I’ve never been a fan of Ednita Nazario but because she similar to many other artists I listen to, so she was recommended. Not my jam.
  • Adam Lambert – Love Don’t: DISLIKE, DELETE, Report this music to Apple Music. Please don’t give me him again. Thank you.
  • Caloncho – Besame Morenita: I downloaded the track when I listened to it the first time, but after a second listen…MEH! It’s okay. I don’t feel like I connected to the music. It has a decent beat, just not as poppy as I would like it.
  • Reyno – Ahirman (En Directo): If the band is releasing this as a single, they really need to edit out the talking at the beginning of the track. I think of radio play and that slow instrumental with the band thanking people for coming is a little bland for radio play. The song is good. I really enjoyed it once the music began. I may have to find the band’s studio version of this if there is one.
  • Coco Cece – Tamaño Nuclear: I want to know more about this singer. It shows that she has a bunch of singles and EPs available on Apple Music. I really liked this track. Good beats and the chorus is pretty catchy. I downloaded this song as well as her other singles.
  • Ramona – Calidez (featuring Bandalos Chinos): I have not heard of Ramona, but I have downloaded Bandalos Chinos album from 2018. I like the song and the two artists together, but what I head of Ramona alone, maybe might not be a fan. This is a pretty good track.
  • Noah Pino Palo – Muero X Ti (featuring CLUBZ): Disco, funk, and lounge music all in one. As soon as the music starts, you will either like it or not. I’m digging it. I think it might be CLUBZ participation on this track that makes me like it. Checking out Noah Pino Palo, didn’t find anything that screamed out at me. This is a fun track. Keep.
  • Tobogan Andaluz – La Vida: This track is the first from the short album or long EP that dropped this month from the artist. It’s a soft pop-rock track that is pretty decent. I will download this and the rest of the album for a listen and review.
  • DRIMS – Si No Encuentro Palabras: By the looks of the members, DRIMS look like a boyband. More of them to come. The song is good, very good as a matter of fact. I believe they can provide me a bit of good music if the other singles and EPs on Apple Music are anything like this. I’ll check out more of their music.
  • Inmigrantes – Propaganda: Something a little harder than the soft pop that Apple has given me so far. This has solid drum lines and a good beat. Downloaded as well as other singles and EPs from Apple Music of them.
  • Odin Parada – Palma Azul (featuring Sofia Stainer): A solid upbeat pop track that features a good beat and fairly catchy chorus. Lots of horns used in the song. It gives the song an underlying lounge feel. Odin Parada has a few other singles on Apple Music which are more dance music.
  • Niños Mutantes – Una Noche: I am a fan of Niños Mutantes. It is good to see a new album from the band. I will be downloading the entire album for a review. This song is pretty good, so I am looking forward to hearing more.
  • Hidrogenesse – Otro Lado: Nothing that made me want to look for more. This acoustic style track was a bit boring for me. I’ll skip.
  • Mabu – Utopia: Never heard of Mabu, but the song is decent. It is from a 4-track EP, which I downloaded for a closer listen.
  • Xoel Lopez – Joana: This track is a ballad that features the singer and a piano for the first part of the song. It builds up pretty fast with a bass line under the piano then mellows out to where we started from. I’ll skip this track.
  • Varry Brava – PlisDonGou: Apple Music recommended this band about two weeks ago. I liked them then, I am liking them now with another new track. This song starts off making you think that you are going to hear a cover of Luis Miguel’s “Cuando Caliente El Sol” but this is far from that. I really enjoy the music from this band. The band has four albums online at Apple Music. Time for more to hear more.
  • Triangulo De Amor Bizarro – Fukushima: Indie rock band releases a self-titled album this month and this is one of the tracks from the album. I’ve never heard of them, but it is odd enough that I want more. With a female vocalist, this is right up my alley. Rock, electronic, new wave. It’s fun and I am looking forward to checking out the entire album.
  • Grises – Veneno: Grises is a bit hard for my taste in music. Hard drums, screaming guitars. It’s for some people, but not for me.
  • Betacam – Todo El Mundo Sabe Los Que Tengo Que Hacer: This song is not bad. The singer’s vocals lack the warmth needed for this music, but its not bad. I will download it and see what I think after a couple more listenings.
  • Carmen 113 – En Espiral: Another pretty good upbeat pop tracks. Who said pop music is dead? In a world where Top 40 is filled with Urban music, it is nice to see much more pop music being released. Apple Music has a few albums from this band, I’ll give them a listen. I like so far.
  • Uniforms – Casi Famosas: A girl group with an atmospheric pop sound. The song is pretty good.
  • Alejandro Sanz – #ElMundoFuera: Alejandro Sanz releases a new single in an acoustic style. He calls it an improvisation. It might be something he came up with and released during this quarantine from COVID-19. It’s not my jam. I’ll skip.
  • De Nalgas – Cascajo: The final song on this week’s playlist ends with the hardest track so far. The song has hard, fast, and has a punk vibe to it. I’m not feeling it, so I will skip this song.

That’s it for this week’s music list. Hope you enjoyed it. Give any of these artists a listen on Apple Music or Spotify, or your favorite streaming service. Support indie artists.

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