Timbiriche – “Timbiriche XII” (1993)

My final album in the main discography of Timbiriche brings us to Timbiriche XII and the end of the group. While it was sad to see the group end, it is better to end with a really good album instead of holding on and providing the fans a bunch of crap and dragging the inevitable out.

The album starts off with a cover of the song, “Slowly” by singer Frida (former ABBA member). This sound will go on to have so much success. The band Moderatto covered the song with the pop princess, Belinda. This duet became more popular than this original sung by Diego and Alexa.

This wasn’t the only cover off the album, actually, there are many. The next track, “Volver a Comenzar” is a cover of Robbie Mychals, “One Mile From Paradise,” an R&B track. Timbiriche’s version moves the music into a dance-pop track but still as a lot of soul in it. The vocals of Tannya and Silvia are awesome. They fit the music perfectly. “Tentacion” is a cover of Kevin Paige’s pop track, “Another World.”

“Regresame El Corazon” and “No Quiero Pederte” were both covers from 80’s pop singer Celeste, written by Giorgio Vanni and Celeste Johnson (the original singer). The adaptations to all the tracks on the album were translated by Alex Zepeda. “Como Pude Amarte” is a cover of the song “How Can It Be Love” by Johnny Logan.

The ballad between Daniel and Lorena, “No Me Dejas” is the cover of “A Touch of Paradise” by John Farnham. And finally the song “Átame a Tu Sentimiento” is a cover of “Make Me A Believer” by Patty Symth. The only two tracks from this album that are not cover songs are “Complice” and “Mira Alrededor.”

The music is superb on this album. The quality of the production is high and it feels like it was recorded just yesterday. Sometimes 90’s music can feel dated, but with Timbiriche XII, it fresh and still feels new. The members of the group could sing, really had power and soul. They are some of the best singers Timbiriche had at their prospective ages.

Now that I have completed my thoughts on all of the major albums of the group’s history, I might have to say that when it comes down to it, Timbiriche XII may be one of the best from the group. It might not have had that many hits and might not have won the hearts of all the Timbiriche fans over the years, but as a whole, this is one kick-ass album.

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