Timbiriche – “El Concierto” (1999)

In the summer of 1998, the original six members of Timbiriche joined together for a performance at the famous Festival Acapulco. The sold-out concert was due to the reunion of the popular group. Timbiriche had disbanded in 1994, but these six members hadn’t been on the same stage since 1985.

The popularity and success of the performance spawned a reunion concert tour with the original six, plus Erik Rubin, who would return with the band. Many people were surprised to see Paulina Rubio, but she was without a record label at that time. To keep herself working, she performed with her bandmates for the tour.

The album was recorded at the Auditoria Nacional in Mexico City on December 20, 1998. In the twelve years that Timbiriche had been together, the band never recorded a live album. Some might disagree with that for the album Timbiriche En Concierto but you can not count canned audience applause for a studio-recorded album. So for fans of Timbiriche, this live album was a treat. We love hearing this group of artists together and as adults, they have only gotten better.

Besides the 25 live tracks that take up two discs, the members took to the studio to record three new songs. “Esta Despierto”, “Suma Cósmica”, and “La Fuerza del Amor” were produced by Erik and Benny for the possibility of a return of the group.

Toward the end of the tour, Alix could no longer participate in the concerts as she was too far along in her pregnancy to continue. Paulina Rubio also said good-bye. She signed a contract with Universal Music and needed to focus back on her music. This left five members to decide if they wanted to become a band again.

The song, “Esta Desperto” won an ERES Award and the band performed the song on television for the award show with only the remaining five members. Ultimately, the five members went their separate ways. Fans were left with three awesome new tracks and a completely cool live album of music spanning all twelve years.

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