Paulina Rubio – “Planeta Paulina” (1996)

Finally away from the gold theme, Paulina Rubio evolves musically from her previous album El Tiempo Es Oro, with her fifth studio album, Planeta Paulina.

Think dance, electronic, and Europop when it comes to Planeta Paulinaand that describes where Paulina went with the album. Not wanting to sound like a Wikipedia article, but Paulina took the reins on the production of this album. The previous album’s success allowed more creative exploration from the artist by the studio. They knew they had gold with Paulina’s success.

Musically, Planeta Paulina was the stepping stone for what was to come in Paulina’s career. She became a lot more about club music with this album and this holds over to these dance tracks for future works. Her success in the US had her craving a jump to the English market too. While the album did not feature Paulina’s English versions to many of her songs, the singles to “Solo Por Ti”, “Enamorada” and “Siempre Tuya Desde La Raiz” had the English versions attached as B-sides.

This album would be the end of Paulina’s partnership with EMI Music. Fans say that Paulina terminated her contact with the label while others say that Paulina wanted too much to continue when this album was the lowest-selling album up to this point in Paulina’s career. Before the release of this album, Paulina’s movie “Besame En La Boca” did not get much praise from the critics and her soap opera did not have the following expected.

Music, television, and film are so very different and success in one or doesn’t also affect the others. Paulina had been golden for the music label, and what made them think any different with this album. Planeta Paulina is a brilliantly produced album with a solid line-up of songs that play well with each other. My all-time favorite song is from this album. I absolutely adore, “Solo Por Mi.”

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