Paulina Rubio – “Paulina” (2000)

It had been four years since Paulina Rubio released the album, Planeta Paulina which fans hailed her best album up to that point. She split ways with EMI Music and was without a label for a few years. During that time, Paulina didn’t stop working. She backed her own concert tour for the music from that album as well as joining the Timbiriche reunion tour.

During the concert tour with Timbiriche, Paulina signed a new contract with Universal Music and prepared a new album. In 2000, Paulina reinvented herself again for an album simply titled, Paulina. This album served as a rebirth for the artist. There were no gimmicks or themes, Paulina presented probably one of the purest and natural versions on herself.

The first single, “Lo Hare Por Ti” was nothing like we had heard from Paulina before and fans loved it. Critics loved it too. I loved it. It was retro, it was classic pop music, and it was a hit. Pure and simple. How can one not love this song?

The second single, “El Ultimo Adios” might be Paulina’s most popular song to date. It’s a nice balance between old Mexico rancheros with today’s pop music and for someone who does not really like the traditional Latin sounds, this is a very awesome track.

The third single, “Y Yo Sigo Aqui,” is probably one of the easiest songs to sing. Each of the lines of the song repeats twice but it doesn’t seem repetitive like some songs would. This is a brilliant pop track that became an instant favorite of fans everywhere.

There were 7 singles from this album with two other singles in other countries for various reasons. It has been hailed Paulina’s most successful album. It sold over 1.6 million copies in the first year, and it jumped to 2.5 million in its second year. Her previous albums were mainly released in Mexico and the US, but with the worldwide release of this album, Paulina saw success in places like Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

The album has something for everyone and based on what I know is coming up in Paulina’s history, I am might go on record to say this is my favorite album from the artist.

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