Paulina Rubio – “La Chica Dorada” (1992)

Finishing my complete review of Timbiriche‘s history, I am being another detailed look into another artist. I am starting Paulina Rubio’s discography and will work through the eleven studio albums that make up the singer’s twenty-eight years of history.

When you think about a solo career that has spanned almost three decades, you would think that there would be quite a few albums more under the singer’s belt. Paulina Rubio started strong and plentiful in the first years of her career but has been more selective over the years. We head back to 1992 with La Chica Dorada, where it all began to take a look at the first solo album of the former Timbiriche member.

After the promotion of Timbiriche 10, Paulina announced that she would leave the group to begin a solo career. Members Sasha Sokol, Eduardo Capetillo, and Thalia all had albums under their belt with much success. In 1992, Benny, Thalia, and Paulina all released albums and were competing against each other for radio and chart spots.

Paulina’s look “the golden girl” at the time could have been called racist. When she came out with her album and promotion, she was the blond dressed in gold with her black back-up singers all dressed in black. Take it how you want, but she wanted to stand out from everyone else, and she did.

Back in 1992, this album was hip, fresh, new, and a great start for Paulina’s career. Songs like “Mio” and “Amor De Mujer” were the first singles from the album and they are really good songs. On the other hand, there are some bad tracks that didn’t need to be recorded. “La Escoba” is a horrible fake live track with canned audience clapping. “Sangre Latina” is another track that I feel just doesn’t work. Paulina can not rap, the music and sound effects are corny, and the soul-sisters in the background are just another stab that Paulina thought she was the perfect blond bombshell.

The ballad, “Abriendo Las Puertas Al Amor” is a beautiful ballad that Paulina sings perfectly. And finally ending the album is what I think it one of the best tracks on the album, “Amarte En Libertad.” While the song is very dated now, it was the perfect combination of rock and pop in the ’90s.

I enjoyed La Chica Dorada very much and feel this is a really good start for the singer.

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