Paulina Rubio – “El Tiempo Es Oro” (1995)

Paulina Rubio’s third studio album, El Tiempo Es Oro was released two years after her second album 24 Kilates, which we reviewed back in 2017. With two albums featuring the gold theme, the studio continued with the success and had Paulina accenting her wardrobe with more gold. We’ve had The Golden Girl, 24 Karats, and now Time is Gold. At some point, we should move away with this unless Paulina wanted this theme to continue.

Musically, vocally, and overall production of El Tiempo Es Oro was far superior to the first two albums. While the first single “Te Daria Mi Vida” did well on the charts and was bigger success, it is far from the best song from the album. The two tracks after that, “A Ti, Volver, Regresar” and “Hoy Te Deje De Amar” are slower pop songs that showcase the artist’s vocal range. The first of those two tracks were written by fellow Timbiriche member, Claudio Bermudez.

Paulina’s El Tiempo Es Oro feels very dated as you listen to it twenty-five years later but there are still some of Paulina’s greatest songs here. It is definitely an under-appreciated album and usually goes forgotten when thinking about the discography of Paulina Rubio. I almost forgot about it myself as I sat with the Wikipedia up so I make sure I listen to them in order.

As we move other this album, I find myself singing and moving in my chair way more than I did with the first two albums. There is such a great beat to each on of the songs and I feel like they compliment each other instead of being so very different from each other like we saw in La Chica Dorada and 24 Kilates. Each of those albums had 10 or 11 stand-alone tracks that made an album. El Tiempo Es Oro feels like a production where the theme follows between each strategically placed song.

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