Band à Part – “Templos Y Neones” (2020)

Following Elefant Records on Twitter, they announced the release of a new album from one of their indie artists, Band à Part. I downloaded the album from Apple Music and gave the album and this artist a listen for the very first time.

Band à Part is made up of two members, Javi and Coral and hail from Spain. This indie band released their second full-length album Templos Y Neones this weekend and we are here to give you the skinny on this fairly unknown pop band. The band had been pretty quiet since 2013, but after a visit to the city of Tokyo, Javi and Coral came back with an inspiration that presented itself in the form of a new album.

The music from Templos Y Neones has a retro vibe to the album. They classify themselves as “sweet indie pop” and that it is. There is a cuteness to Coral’s voice that makes the music super appealing. The underlying electronic beats add that needed pop dance beat, which almost reminds you of J-Pop music.

The track, “City Pop” is an instrumental track that teeters on the fence of Disco. It separates the music mood from day time to night time, with the rest of the tracks giving space to the nightlife of light, neon, clubs, and the free release of energy.

Templos Y Neones is a wonderful art piece of music that brings together culture, music, and stories for their adventures. This album has found a home in our database of music and we look forward to exploring more the bands music. You can follow the band on Twitter at @bandaparte

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