Timbiriche – “VIII y IX” (1988)

Unprecedented, Timbiriche released their 1988 album as a double album featuring 21 all-new tracks. This follows the huge success the band received for the album, Timbiriche 7, which took them from a kids’ group to teen idols.

Before this moment, albums with this many tracks were left to greatest hits albums. Timbiriche’s release of their eighth and ninth albums together made no sense at the time. All artists start with that many tracks and the producers weed out the weak numbers to a respectable album of tracks, around nine to twelve best songs. Now, that number can grow with a limited amount of space in a digital world.

During the production of the album, creator Luis DeLlano offered the producing credits to a long time pal, Memo Mendez Guiu. He then offered the job to Marcos Flores. Both producers submitted their musical numbers and Luis DeLlano took both works and used it to create something no teen band had ever done: a double album.

While the music and tracks hit the top of the charts, sales were not a great as they could have been. The band saw much success because the music fit the times. Mexico had begun to see a surge of “Rock en Español,” but pop music still dominated the charts. Timbiriche’s music had a bit more of an edge to it with tracks like “Amame Hasta Con Los Dientes”, “Todo O Nada,” and “Vive La Vida.” But it wasn’t a complete change from what fans wanted from the group.

The first track, “Tu Y Yo Somos Uno Mismo” became an anthem for the group. The video was directed by Eduardo Capetillo, who wanted to have more of creative input for the group.

In response to sales not being as desired, Luis DeLlano decided to split the album into two. They reissued VIII and IX as two separate albums on vinyl. They did not split the album just in half. They strategically divided the most popular tracks between the album in order for fans to have to purchase both albums. Being in a country know for it’s lower incomes, fans could buy the albums at separate times as they had money instead of spending all of their money for a double album. It worked.

Once the album split, the sales soared and Timbiriche secured it’s place in pop music history. The music from VIII and IX goes down in history as the best work from the group and all time. VH1 released a list of Greatest 80’s Pop Songs in Spanish and the song, “Tu Y Yo Somos Uno Mismo” charted at #2. Not bad for a little group from Mexico.

Many fans go into talking about the rivals between members or the personalities and heads that grew from the success of this album and honestly, that goes without saying. It happens. When teens get a taste of huge success in such a short time, that fame goes to their heads. I don’t like to get into rumors, especially when there is no substantial evidence that two members started a fistfight with each other. Let’s keep the music positive and the posts about the music, not about the personalities.

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