Timbiriche – “Timbiriche 10” (1990)

Riding on the coat tails of the successful eighth and ninth album, Timbiriche released Timbiriche 10 to celebrate the arrival of new members, Biby, Paty, and Claudio.

During the promotional tour of the previous albums, Alix left the group first due to family issues. Biby Gaytan replaced Alix during the concert tours. This is rare to find photos of Biby and Thalia in the group together because the timing was short-lived. Eduardo and Thalia left shortly after. Paty Tanus and Claudio Bermudez entered to replace the popular exiting members.

Some purist fans will say this is the last true Timbiriche album because it is the final album with the majority of original members. Timbiriche 10 is good, but not great. The amount long-lasting hits really only come down to one lone track, “Princesa Tibetana,” has been a long time favorite of fans and is the highlight of the album by critics.

This tenth album in Timbiriche history comes at a time where rap began to had a surge in Mexico. Songs like “Historia De Amor” and “Escapar De Ti” try to feature the members attempting to rap, and not doing that great of a job. The album features 3 ballads. Biby does a great job with “Como Te Dire.” The band has a group track called, “Somos Uno” which is a beautiful ballad, but the highlight is Paty’s “Yo Por Ti.” It is probably one of the best songs from the album.

Paty, who did not remain in the group for long” was a classical musician and performed the piano during this solo hit. It is sad that Paty’s time was limited because she had such range and throughout each of the tracks, her vocals stood out above and beyond the others.  She left the group during the beginning stages of the promotional tour. Silvia Campos replaced the red-head when she chose the abandon the group.

Many die-hard fans will say that Timbiriche 10 might be one of the better albums of the band’s history, but critically, it did not fare well on the charts with mediocre hits.

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