Fito Páez – “La Conquista Del Espacio” (2020)

Argentine popular rock and roll pianist, Fito Paez released his newest album La Conquista Del Espacio in the midst of the terrible times of pandemic, COVID-19. With all that is going on, it’s good to get new music that we can enjoy and appreciate while the world is on pause.

La Conquista Del Espacio sounds like a musical stage play as it opens with the first track of the same name. It is his first single from the album and its just a fun track that you can help but sing. Fito Paez’s highly musical and instrument heavy sound gives the audience a superb production value. Everything sounds rich. I feel like I get my money from Paez’s album because of so many instruments that were used in the backgrounds.

When Paez began his career in the ’80s, his sound was raw and had a garage sound. In the ’90s, Paez added even more instruments to pump up his tracks. Today, we have a huge production. Paez grows with every album and continues to evolve, even at the age of 57.

There are two duets on this album, one with Mala Fama and the other is with fellow Argentine singer, Lali. His duet with Lali is a sweet upbeat pop track. Lali’s participation feels more like she is only serving as background vocals. There is not much to her in the song. Fans of Lali might feel a little slighted because she doesn’t have many solo verses on this track. Mala Fama’s duet allows Paez the opportunity to dabble in a little more Latin beats than he normally has.

The album features nine tracks and out of those nine tracks, only one seemed a bit boring. Fito Paez gives his fans a pretty damn good album. I love the underlying piano sounds. Everything sounds fresh; not digital. You feel the musician jamming in the studio and with headphones on, you feel like you are in the studio with them. With so much music and so much feeling, where I felt it lack was at the end on the final track. It fades away 1 minute before the track ends and you hear something like a typewriter or keyboard of some sort. Hard to say. Overall, a pretty decent album.

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