Dvicio – “Impulso” (2020)

Since we’ve been absent from the music world for a while, we are starting back up going through the music released in 2020. Spanish boy band, Dvicio is back with a new album, Impulso. The last album we reviewed from the band was the 2015 album, Justo Ahora y Siempre. Dvicio hasn’t really been away. In 2017, the band released its third album and now, we have a new album just released.

Listening to the album with a pair of headphones so I could really focus on the music, I kept jumping back to my playlist to see if I was still listening to Dvicio. The lead singer of the band, Andrés Ceballos Sanchez has a voice that is so similar to Ricky Martin. At times I am so intently listening that I really feel like I am hearing Ricky. Andres’s voice is superb and keeps getting better as he matures as a singer.

While we might classify Dvicio as a boyband, they are certainly growing out of that classification. This new album’s music feels completely different from the first album we heard from the band. The growth is apparent and I love it. It suits the band well.

The three ballads on the album are wonderful. I love “Te Debo” as it makes me feel the sentiment and the music takes me to a little bar where the band might be playing in the corner of the room. Normally, I am not a fan of the slow tracks but I love what Dvicio gives us here.

There isn’t a song that I don’t like off the album. As a complete album, the music and tracks flow making fun and enjoyable work. I am very proud to see how this band is progressing. I can’t wait to get to the second album and see where it falls between the two albums. This is definitely worth the download.

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