Apple’s Weekly Selection: 3/20/20

Apple Music published my “new music” list on 3/20/20. Minus a few big names, most of the artists are unknown to me and I look forward to seeing what I will add to my database and what I will veto with a click of the dislike button. 

  • Dvicio – Sobrenatural (featuring Farina) : Dvicio is already on my download list and is on my “to review” list. It sounds like a decent track and I can’t want to dive into the album as soon as I get a little extra time. 
  • Natalia LaFourcade & Los Cojolites – El Balaju / Serenata Huasteca: Like last week, Apple Music has decided that I needed the new music from Natalia LaFourcade. I will have to hit a DISLIKE button because this music does not fall into the Latin pop music category. 
  • DLD – Angel: At the beginning of the week, we already reviewed DLD’s new album. You can read the review of the full album here.
  • Coda & Coy – Drift: This is an electronic band that has nothing to do with Latin pop. It probably was added because the band Coda is rock band that fits the genre. I downloaded Coda but disliked Coda & Coy. 
  • Fito Paez – La Conquista Del Espacio: This song had already been downloaded and is actually the next new album up for review. This song is pretty fun and reminds me of a movie soundtrack or something that should be for a stage play.
  • Los Angeles Azules – El Angel Que Nos Une: Los Angeles Azules is being recommended to me because I downloaded the album which featured all the duets they recorded with people like Aleks Syntek and Natalia LaFourcade.
  • The New Raemon – Dias de Rachas Grises: The New Raemon’s music was given to me by their record label many years back and I have put them to the back burner to make run for some other reviews. With this new release, I may have to go back and give the band a deeper listen. This song is decent with a good beat. I enjoyed it. 
  • Verona – Simbolos: Because of this song, the band needs a closer listen. I have been liking that airy atmospheric sound lately and this song has it. Pretty good, I would say. This is not a single, but a song from the band’s newest album released this year. I downloaded the album and put on my “to review” pile. 
  • Amatria – Una Ciudad: Pop meets electronic music for Amatria’s song. Reminds me a little like Fangoria. The band has a bunch of singles and a few albums. Added! I will give this band a deeper listen. I really like this track and want to hear more from them. 
  • Los Invaders – Girls: This band might be a Latin band, but everything on Apple Music is in English. They get vetoed even though the song is pretty good. I have to say that personally I like it and will download it for my personal enjoyment. It just doesn’t fit the blog.
  • Maena – La Noche De Mi Vida: I am not a fan of this song but it might be something my wife would like. I am really about the beats, even on a slower track. This song just really had nothing to grab me and make me want to listen more. 
  • Volovan – Volvieron Mis Ataques: This is the band’s new single. We are a fan of Volovan but this song is a little slow for my taste. I am used to having a harder rock sound from this band. This track seems like they may be going to a new updated style.
  • Rubytales – Japon: Not sure who Rubytales is, but I am listening. There is a nice beat to the song. Pop with a bit of a disco vibe going on here. This song is a single but they have quite a few other singles and one album on Apple Music. I can see if there are other tracks I like. 
  • Celest – Tsumi: The first ballad on this playlist Apple Music suggested. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either. The chorus had a decent flow to the music. 
  • Lunaem – Sombras: On first listen, my wife downloaded this song so I already knew that she enjoyed it well enough to save it. Reminds me a little bit like Mon Laferte. There are a few other singles available. We’ll check them out a little more.
  • Pedropiedra – Quinta Costa: At first, I was not a big fan of the singer’s voice, but the chorus took a hold of me. The song has a very familiar sound. It’s like I have heard it somewhere before. I guess this is a good thing. The song is off the band’s album that released this month. I downloaded the album for a review.
  • Juan Pablo Vega – Criminal (featuring Elsa y Elmar): This song gets a veto pretty quickly. The song has strong reggae beats with Urban accents. Not my jam at all. 
  • Casster – Viento: This track from this week’s playlist is decent enough for me to download. The upbeat ballad is a fun track. It has a retro feel, almost like a lounge act. I can dig it. 
  • Andre Ubilla – Juntos Vamos Caminado: At first I didn’t think I would like the track, but honestly it’s not bad. Reminds me a little like a softer Cafe Tacuba. I will give them a listen.
  • Conchita – Un Camino Para Volver: My next ballad on the playlist. This feels like an acoustic version with a solo piano for much of the album. Her voice is pleasant, but I am not sure I want to add it to my list. Might wait for something better to come along before adding her.
  • Sandra Groove – No Te Va A Gustar: I’m not feeling this at all. The R&B sound makes me feel like I am listening to someone like Beyonce. Her voice sounds like she is reaching for that R&B genre and not Latin pop.
  • Chica Sobresalto & Maialen – Oxitocina: Not sure who these people are, but the song is rock with a little funk to it. Kind of cool. Cool enough for me to download the track. Chica Sobresalto’s last album is from 2017 and seemed glancing through it. I added. 
  • Melanie C – Who I Am: I am closeted or not so closeted Spice Girl fan. This is why Melanie C (Sporty Spice) is coming up on my playlist.
  • Ventino – Vente Conmigo: Ventino is a girl pop girl with urban accents which turns me off because it is not just a little. They seem like they are trying to be the next CNCO. Skip. 
  • The Fleshtones – Alex Trebeck: Our final track on this playlist. The Fleshtones are not Latin at all. Veto. 

Overall, there are quite a few tracks that I added to my library, new artists for listening, and lots of music added to my review pile. See you next week.  

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