Timbiriche – “Timbiriche 7” (1987)

Timbiriche 7 was probably one of the most successful albums of not only the band’s discography but the entire 80’s decade. Out of the 11 tracks from the original release, 8 songs hit the pop charts with much success.

During the promotion of the previous album, Benny ended his career with the group and Eduardo Capetillo took his place. They recorded the song, “No Seas Tan Cruel” to promote Eduardo’s presence in the group. Eduardo had a history with a solo career of his own as a youngster. Due to his commitments with his former label, the back of the original vinyl cover state that Eduardo appeared courtesy of Discos Orfeon. At the end of 1986, Sasha also departed the group and Thalia entered has her replacement.

During the winter months of 1986, before the album released, the group recorded a Christmas special that acted as the group’s presentation of the album. During that television show, they present the songs of the album with music videos. One of the songs from that show was a cover of Falco’s “Vienna Calling.” When the final release came out in March of 1987, the song was substituted for “Magico Amor,” still sung by Erik. There is another cover on this album. The song “Ya Estaba Escrito” is a cover of Cock Robin’s song, “Thought you were on my side.” Also, the song “Si No Es Ahora” sampled the opening of Mike and The Mechanics song, “All I Need Is A Miracle.”

Other changes to the final edition included a new version of the song, “Rompecabezas.” Music videos have the song being sung as a duet between Eduardo and Paulina. The final released edition is sung by the entire group with a small portion of the song featuring the solo vocals of Paulina and Eduardo.

There are a lot of albums that had great success, but hands down, Timbiriche 7 can possibly go down in history as the greatest album that decade, rivaling their own success with their next album. Over the years, Timbiriche 7 has had other CD editions that have come out. It was reissued as “Con Todos Menos Conmigo” in the mid-90’s.

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