Monica Naranjo – “Stage” (2009)

Last night as I was editing some of the older reviews, I cleaned up the review of Monica’s 4.0 and glanced at Apple Music to see what other music of Monica I might have missed. On Apple Music, the label released two concerts. This 2009 concert from Madrid, Stage, and another concert from Mexico City. This morning we listened to Stage for the first time.

I’ve never heard Monica live before so this was a treat. The concert takes place after the release of Monica Naranjo’s sixth studio album, Tarantula. With this album, Monica’s style had moved from pop and dance to a harder more rock sound. This is the beginning change to her current rock opera sound.

What I loved about this concert is that I didn’t feel like I was listening to a concert. Monica’s vocals are so strong that she sings a pretty sound song even while moving around on stage. You do get the audience participation which can add the goosebumps while listening to the lungs belt out the high and long notes.

Monica performs here most popular tracks, the songs that have made the singer a household name in the Latin pop music world. She starts the concert with the song, “Desatame”, then to “Entender El Amor” both from her album second album, Palabra De Mujer. She also performs quite a few tracks from the album Tarantula. The songs build and build in power but felt a little let down with the final song, “Sobreviviré.” After her performance on the song, “Europa,” I felt that the concert should have exploded at the end with the finale, but it didn’t have finished feeling. It really left me wanting something with something a little more in your face.

Overall, the concert is quite enjoyable. Apple Music lacks the videos for this. When the album was released to the public, physcial media edition came with the DVD of the concert. Apple Music failed in not having that available for fans.

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