Timbiriche – “Vaselina” (1984)

On my progression into Timbiriche this week, we move along to the 5th album in the Timbiriche catalog. Vaselina is the soundtrack to the theatrical play of Grease, starring Timbiriche and other famous kid stars that would go on to be very important in the music and television industry.

The majority of the music recorded for this play featured the voices of Timbiriche members, but also star some other famous names like Eduardo Capetillo, who will come to join the group later on.

Cast was as follows:

  • Benny (Danny Seco)
  • Sasha Sokol (Sandy)
  • Diego Schoening (Kiko)
  • Mariana Garza (Sonia)
  • Eduardo Capetillo (Lalo)
  • Alix Bauer (Chiquis)
  • Luis Enrique Guzman (Tacho) *Alejandra Guzman’s brother
  • Paulina Rubio (Licha)
  • Alex Ibarra (Memo) *Benny’s brother, who will later have a solo career of his own.
  • Usi Velasco (Frenchy)
  • Erik Rubin (Eugenio)
  • Stephanie Salas (Paty) *Alejandra Guzman’s niece, who will go on to have a solo career of her own
  • Mireya Ojeda (Seño Torres)
  • Hector Suarez Jr (Ricky Rockero) *Will go on to have a solo career
  • Martin Avila (Johnny Casino)
  • Vicente Lopez Nadal (El Angel)
  • Maria Rubalcava (Cha Cha)

Vaselina continued with various different casts until 2019 when it made its final cast line up. Over the years, groups like Lemongrass have started in the show. Also, artists like Thalia had a hand in what would last years of celebrating Grease.

The production of Vaselina is the product of Julissa. Julissa is the sister of Luis De Llano, the creator of Timbiriche. Julissa would go on to create La Onda Vaselina, which in turn would leave Julissa and become OV7. This is where we can play 6 Degrees of Timbiriche like would Kevin Bacon. Almost all of Latin pop music can come back around to Timbiriche in less than 6 people. But that is for a different conversation.

The album released of the soundtrack contains two of Timbiriche’s most famous tracks that have been sung almost the entire length of Timbiriche history. “Iremos Juntos (We Go Together)” and “Noches De Verano (Summer Nights)” both of which hit the pop charts in 1984.

There is not much to this album that screams Timbiriche because it really was not Timbiriche music. The musical score is a product of Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey from 1971. It wasn’t until 1978 when Grease hit the big screen that the stage plays took off.

When Timbiriche reissued this album on CD for the first time, the cover featured a 1982 line-up of the group making fans think that the album could have been something completely different. The finally reissued the album with the original cover art of the special edition vinyl this past year.

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